January 29, 2022

what future for sports halls in the PACA region

Sports halls are also among the many collateral victims who have been hard hit by Covid-19. Through this article, I invite you to discover the changes that this sector has undergone.

Sport at home, a new habit

Since the advent of the covid 19 pandemic, a new habit has entered French daily life to the point of now becoming the norm: sport at home. Indeed, the various anti-covid 19 restriction measures taken by the government, in particular the confinements and closures of sports halls, have therefore forced the French to make this choice. Ideally practiced outdoors or in the gym, it is now practiced in the living room. In addition to confinements, the criteria of requirements set by the government to have access to the rooms when they reopen have ended up boring the French.

From YouTube and Instagram influencers to remote professional coaches and mobile applications, there is no shortage of tips to promote the phenomenon. They have thus discovered the joys of sport at home and do not hesitate to buy sports equipment, especially equipment for weight training at home in order to be more efficient.

Never has sport at the show been so successful.

A general decline in registrations in sports halls

The vast majority of gym operators are going through a terrible crisis.

This crisis has had a negative impact on their turnover, because since the start of the pandemic they have been facing a drop in attendance at sports halls and therefore a significant drop in clientele. While the sector expected an increase in registrations after the reopening, we are rather seeing a decline in registrations in sports halls throughout France and terminations of subscriptions due to the restrictive measures taken as part of the fight against this pandemic in particular the requirement of the health pass to have access to the sports halls. Another phenomenon that explains this situation is a certain mistrust of the French towards sports halls, who fear being contaminated there. According to a study, the whole profession has lost between 25 and 30 ℅ of its members.

Surviving this crisis is a real obstacle course for professionals in the sector. Deprived of income and stifled by fixed charges, some cinemas quite simply end up filing for bankruptcy. In 2020, the inter-professional organization Union & Cycle estimated the cumulative loss of turnover in the sector at 1.3 billion euros.