July 7, 2022

Toyota has not yet decided to produce the GR Super Sport

Developing a road version of an electrified race car isn’t a walk in the park – just ask Mercedes-AMG how hard it is to prepare the One. The concept debuted in September 2017 and won’t be ready for production until 2022 at the earliest. The same goes for Toyota, whose GR Super Sport concept from January 2018 won’t be turned into a street car anytime soon.

Information from the month of August had reported the possible disappearance of the car homologated for the road, with Racer magazine citing undisclosed Japanese sources that a prototype was set in flames after crashing during a test at Fuji Speedway. Due to this incident, Toyota apparently phased out the GR Super Sport road car while keeping the racing version. The Drive contacted the company to confirm or deny this information, but the response provided by Toyota Motorsports Communications representative Sam Mahoney was rather vague:

“The GR Super Sport remains a concept for now while Toyota studies the potential commercialization of this car.”

What can we learn from this statement? It looks like the road hypercar hasn’t been canceled. However, she has also not been approved for production, her fate is not sealed.

As a reminder, Toyota Australia spokesperson Orlando Rodriguez admitted in August 2018 that a possible production version would be on par with hypercars in terms of performance and price. Earlier this year, in March, the Japanese automaker set up an online questionnaire for potential GR Super Sport buyers, asking them (among other things) if they own a 2000GT or a Lexus LFA. The questionnaire is also still online, which could be a sign that Toyota has not abandoned this ambitious project.

The latest rumors suggest a power of 1000 horsepower thanks to a hybrid configuration around a V6 engine. We keep our fingers crossed that the GT-One descendant succeeds, only two of which were produced in the late 1990s but never sold to the public.