January 26, 2022

To gain years of life in good shape, sport-health is developing in the Cotentin

Sport-health slots are reserved at the Chantereyne swimming pool in Cherbourg and have been a resounding success with 84 registrants. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER)

“We will warm up with a few laps of the field while walking: first in chasing steps, then by raising the knees, and finally in reverse. Go to work ladies! »It is 3 pm, on this Monday afternoon, when Johane Jedryszek launches in good humor his tennis-health course, on court n ° 3 from Bagatelle to Tourlaville. “Sorry, I’m not going to be able to do the rise of knees, with my problems …”, specifies Marie-Hélène, one of the two practitioners present that day. “No worries, do what you can! », Answers the health and well-being referent of the CLT for a year.

Prevention or improvement of the state of health

Far from the spirit of competition, or even from leisure sport practiced with great intensity, sport and health is currently in full development, under the impetus in particular of the Ministry of Sports, which gives this definition.

“Sport-health covers the practice of physical or sports activities that contribute to the well-being and health of the practitioner: physical, psychological and social. This practice contributes to the maintenance of health in healthy subjects within the framework of primary prevention. It also helps, in people living with a chronic non-communicable disease, to improve the state of health and prevent the worsening and / or recurrence of these chronic diseases (tertiary prevention). “

Ministry of Sports

Many specialists assure it: combating physical inactivity allows you to gain years of healthy life. This is why, at the heart of the “National Sport and Health Strategy”, Sport Health Houses (MSS) are being created all over France, including in Cherbourg for a few months, to structure and regulate all initiatives.

Sports-health houses in full structuring

The project is so fresh that the inauguration has not yet taken place. The brand new Cotentin sports and health center has just entered its premises, made available by the City of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin at 37, rue de l’Ermitage. “We founded it as an association in the midst of Covid,” explains Dr Anne Besnier, recently retired and volunteer president of the MSS Cotentin. The GA was held in June. La Manche now has three sports-health centers with Planeth Patient in Coutances for Center-Manche and the MSS Sud-Manche based in Granville. It is important that we work in consistency and that we shine throughout the department. “
Access to daily physical and sporting activity at all times of life is a public health objective for all. The Ministries of Sports and Health created the MSS program in 2019, the objective being to have 500 across France by 2022. MSS enables people who need it and all those who need it. the wish to be supported and accompanied by health and sports professionals in order to follow a personalized sports-health program likely to meet their specific needs.
“We are currently six to bring this MSS Cotentin to life: Cécile Cohadon, Johane Jedryszek, Julien Barbedienne, Jérémie Brunet, myself and Planeth Patient (Editor’s note: supported by the ARS, this association is developing therapeutic patient education in Normandy ). We currently have 16 partner associations and around 400 practitioners in many disciplines. Seven out of eight practitioners being urban, our goal is to reach out to the rural world more. “
The MSS Cotentin will therefore endeavor to promote and develop sport and health, while paying great attention to the respect of regulations by the affiliated structures, “because they work with a fragile public, we must not do just anything. ! “.

Women are in the majority

And the disciplines are more and more numerous and diversified within the clubs: kayaking, rowing, coasting, yoga, pilates, tennis, walking, soft gym, athletics, rugby, fencing …

Swimming too, of course, has many virtues. Cherbourg Aquasanté, founded in 2013, brings together no less than 84 practitioners, the vast majority of them women. Moreover, the proportion in sport-health in general is far from being balanced, there would be 17% of men and therefore 83% of women.

On the side of the Chantereyne swimming pool, Thibaut and Salim, two lifeguards from the City, each lead the activity with two groups of twenty people with chronic diseases. In the small pool, coach Thibault makes the bodies “move” by adapting the exercises to the pathologies of each: aquagym, trampoline, aquabike bike allow you to “work” while having fun. In the deep end, the water lines are stretched and allow the more “comfortable” to swim, but above all to practice moving exercises and “in complete joint relief” with various accessories.

Address, mobility, balance …

Return to Bagatelle, where Marie-Hélène and Sylvie exchange balls at a moderate pace, and with a smile.

“We are not in pure technique! We play games of skill, mobility, balance. We work on the service, too, to achieve other movements; we play in the small squares then in the baseline for movement. In terms of mobility, they perform gestures and arm movements, using the racket, which they would not do at home. “

Johane JedryszekHealth and well-being referent of CL Tourlaville

And above all, they forget the pain and illness for an hour, this is the main thing. Or how to prescribe a moment of happiness.

Under the benevolent gaze of Johane Jedryszek, Marie-Hélène (from the front) and Sylvie exchange balls. Very soflty.
Under the benevolent gaze of Johane Jedryszek, Marie-Hélène (from the front) and Sylvie exchange balls. Very soflty. (© Nicolas LEPIGEON)


Marie-Hélène Leforestier, 59 years old, Cherbourg: “I signed up last February, I met Johane thanks to Planeth Patient. I told him that I liked ball sports, and since then I have been playing healthy tennis and table tennis. It changed my life! With my disability for more than 20 years, my asthma and my knee problems in particular, I never thought I would be able to play tennis one day! Playing a sport brings me lots of things and a lot of happiness. Maintaining physical condition is important, meeting people too. I do gentle walking, gentle gym: joining the CLT was a revelation. We do not take the lead, we play, we learn, we improve and that changes ideas, I no longer think about my problems. “

Sylvie Vimond, 51, Fermanville: “I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer and I approached ACREA (After Cancer Resources Listening Activities) in February 2021. A friend with the same problem told me that I had to get over it. sport, although I haven’t done one since my youth… With healthy tennis, discovered during Pink October, I’m getting better. I suffer from the discomfort of the treatment on a daily basis: fatigue, digestive and dermatological problems, abdominal pain… and the activity attenuates them. Tennis is a stress reliever, I also go to the gym to work on flexibility, and I walk 5 km a day. Now I sleep much better! “

Claire Lebiez, rugby, RCCH: “A few weeks ago I tried to launch a rugby-health section in Octeville, at the Manécierie stadium. There were no registrations, so with the club leaders, we decided that we would try again in 2022, when I will have finished all my training. This section will be open to all people with a long-term illness: cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disease, or obesity. But no risks! It’s 5-a-side rugby, we don’t hang around, we just touch each other, face to face on the chest. I have been playing rugby (hooker) since 2009, I went through Agen in particular, and I followed my training in sports and health for several months in 2021, with video sessions and a seminar in Marcoussis for the federal patent. We learn to lead sessions in a lively and motivating way for the practitioners, and so that no one gets hurt, by adapting the sport to each one according to the pathologies. For an hour, it’s still fun to talk about rugby than illness! When the section is referenced, the Maison sport santé will be able to refer practitioners to us, just like the Imapac and Planeth Patient. “

Claire Lebiez hopes to open the rugby-health section in 2022 after the end of her training.
Claire Lebiez hopes to open the rugby-health section in 2022 after the end of her training.

Mickaël Rabay, fencing, Les Pieux and AS Hainneville: “Fencing lessons suitable for seniors over 60 will be offered on Mondays at Les Pieux and Hainneville. We will work on motor skills, physical maintenance, balance, pugnacity, joints… and socialization! Other sport-health actions will be proposed in the coming months: fencing against the recurrence of breast cancer; fencing therapy for victims of sexual violence; and prescription fencing. The Covid delayed everything, including the training I had to take to lead these different sessions. Training courses financed by the federation, the league, the State, etc. financial means are used to develop sport and health. There is also nursing home fencing which is planned to delay the effects of aging. “

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