July 7, 2022

The UNSS Auvergne launches the Cross Challenge to give school children a taste for sport

This day will prepare the academic cross to be held on February 9 (initially scheduled for December 8) in Saint-Gervais d’Auvergne (Puy-de-Dôme).
Objective: to re-mobilize all the pupils and encourage them to participate in this event thanks to a race carried out in the various schools where the aim will be to achieve the longest distance (with a reward). But to also recall “the importance of practicing physical activity thirty minutes a day to ventilate the body and mind”, as emphasized by the rector of the academy, Karim Benmiloud.

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“To ventilate the body and the mind”

To support this initiative, top athletes have shown their attachment to this school sports federation.

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Caroline Thomas, French rugby champion with ASM Romagnat and member of the XV of France. “When I was at school, I was a big fan of the UNSS. I was able to do GRS, climbing, orienteering… For me, it’s normal to be here today as a sign of gratitude for all that the UNSS could have done for me. to bring. “

Thomas Lorblanchet, 2009 trail world champion. “I have a particular attachment to the UNSS, I have members of my family who are teachers of PE and then I took part in the UNSS world cross-country championship. “

Timothée Bommier, cross-country specialist and record holder for the rise of the Puy de Dôme. “I am delighted that cross country is still an activity within the UNSS. Not only because it is my favorite discipline but also because it can solve a major health issue. In fact, the level of physical activity among young people has fallen in recent years. Thanks to the UNSS and in particular to this Cross Challenge, it is an opportunity to make young people want to play sports and why not join a club. “

Renaud Lavillenie, Olympic pole vault champion and UNSS ambassador. “With the crisis we are going through, sport has a preponderant place. It can only do good. The UNSS offers all schoolchildren the opportunity to try out many physical activities and cross country is its emblematic discipline. “