July 4, 2022

The Tesla Roadster Sport, the future nugget of the collector’s vehicle market?

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The Hagerty Bull Market for the US market looks at cars whose prices have the potential to move upward in the next 12 months. Experts from the famous British house specializing in vintage vehicles specify that these are not cars intended to quickly enrich collectors. This ranking simply allows enthusiasts and enthusiasts looking to make a purchase in the near future to grasp the current trend of cars that are both cool to own and to drive. Vehicles that will not make them lose money in the event of resale in the coming year (s). The 2022 Hagerty Bull Market 2022 car list for the States includes vehicles built between 1963 and 2012, with sports cars, prestige cars, muscle cars as well as a few SUVs.

A word from the professional

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Tesla Roadster, Ferrari Dino… | The best auto investments in the USA in 2022

Photo d’illustrationCredit Photo – Hagerty

Believing that access to vintage vehicles, whether classic or character, is not restricted to the wealthy, Larry Webster, vice president of press relations at Hagerty says:

“Our seasoned experts used Hagerty’s massive database to designate 10 cars that people can buy, enjoy for a few years, and then sell to the next enthusiast for the same price or a little more.”

A laudable initiative which allows American amateurs of vintage cars to see a little more clearly in this complex market.

Hagerty’s selection of 10 vehicles to invest in in 2022 includes great American classics such as the Cadillac DeVille, the generation shunned until now, with vintages ranging between 1965 and 1970. The Pontiac GTO, an iconic muscle car, makes also part of the selection, even if it has already “exploded” and is trading for sums of around $ 100,000. A Tesla is even making its arrival in the good plans! Indeed, the Roadster Sport, the very first model of the now well-known American brand, is a milestone in the history of electric vehicles. Among the Japanese, we find the Mazda RX-7 and even the small Suzuki Samurai while the Europeans are widely represented with the iconic Land Rover Defender, the small Ferrari 246 Dino with V6 engine in the rear central position or the Porsche 968.

List of vehicles to invest in in 2022

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Tesla Roadster, Ferrari Dino… | The best auto investments in the USA in 2022

Ferrari 246 Dino (1969 – 1974)Credit Photo – Hagerty

Suzuki Samurai 1985-1995 10 200 $
Volvo 245 1975-1993 15 800 $
Mazda RX-7 1979-1985 17 600 $
Cadillac DeVille 1965-1970 28 800 $
Porsche 968 1992-1995 38 000 $
Land Rover Defender 1983-1997 61 400 $
Mercedes-Benz 230SL 1963-1967 80 500 $
Tesla Roadster Sport 2008-2012 97 100 $
Pontiac GTO 1966-1967 100 200 $
Ferrari 246 Dino 1969-1974 365 800 $

In short

Experts from Hagerty, a British company specializing in vintage vehicles, have determined a list of 10 models that represent a good financial investment in 2022 in the American market. In this list valid for the trend of vintage vehicles for the next 12 months, we find all nationalities and all budgets with the Cadillac DeVille (vintages 65 to 70), the Ferrari 246 Dino, the Land Rover Defender, the Mazda RX -7, Mercedes-Benz 230SL, Pontiac GTO, Porsche 968, Suzuki Samurai, Tesla Roadster Sport and Volvo 245.

Paul Niocel