January 26, 2022

The Municipal Sports Office “a link between sports associations and the city of Clermont-Ferrand”

“It’s a breath of fresh air, a new breath! “. Installed in the brand new premises of the urban and sports park Philippe-Marcombes, Nicole Verlaguet, president, Gérald Nivelon, director, and Maurice Lahanque, secretary of the Clermont-Ferrand Municipal Sports Office, do not shy away from their pleasure to be at work in new facilities.

From left to right: Maurice Lahanque, secretary general; Nicole Verlaguet, President of WHO, and Gérald Nivelon, Director.

Return to Marcombes

After two years of work at Marcombes, the WHO has rediscovered the avenue de la Liberation since July 1, with still the same missions, but also new challenges to take up and new ambitions for the future.
“We are an autonomous association. We operate thanks to contributions and municipal subsidies, ”explains Nicole Verlaguet. “Any association headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand or which offers an activity in Clermont-Ferrand sports facilities can join. We provide help and support. We are a link between sports associations and the City, in particular to put together subsidy application files or to direct associations to the right contacts and make our network available to them if necessary. “

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In addition to the sports forum in Jaude, the WHO is also participating in the logistics of major events such as the Tour de France last year during the Clermont-Ferrand stage. From the start of next year, a new website will be put into operation. “We are here to put oil in the wheels,” concludes Gérald Nivelon.

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The Municipal Sports Office works alongside the City for the development and promotion of sport for all and has established the main axes of the 2021 – 2026 roadmap, “to invent a new place in the landscape. Clermont sportsman with three main perspectives: adapting the WHO to the times, responding to the growing expectations of sport-health and sport-well-being, and unifying the member structures of the WHO around current societal challenges by applying its principles of pluralism and openness.

Photo Franck Boileau

Healthy sport to fight against a sedentary lifestyle

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Under the aegis of the WHO, the Espace sport-santé offers, at the Maison des sports, place des Bughes, premises dedicated to the resumption of sport under professional supervision.
This structure is mainly intended “for people who wish to resume sport gradually before joining a club, by practicing a physical activity adapted to their health”, presents Gérald Nivelon, director of the WHO. This particularly concerns people suffering from overweight, cardiovascular disease, post-cancer care or diabetics.
The Sport-Health Space “also supports people in a situation of social and health precariousness”.
In the Saint-Jacques and Fontaine-du-Bac districts, free “Osons bouger” workshops are offered “to a female audience in a complicated social situation”.
Finally, at Marcombes, a weight room is open to the public between 12 noon and 2 p.m. (contribution 25 € / year and 36 € per month of activity). “All of these activities are supervised by sports and health professionals. “
Contact. clermontsportsante.fr

Prepare for the future

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Different avenues of reflection are being studied to adapt the functioning of the WHO to the challenges of tomorrow, including:

– Promote WHO and its unifying role in all neighborhoods of Clermont.

– Open membership of the WHO to structures in the commercial sports sector while ensuring balance.

– Popularize the use of digital tools, create time for meetings and information at a distance.

-Assisting clubs in their digital efforts.
– Continue actions aimed at seniors.
– Engage the sports community in the ecological transition.
– Support the access of women to responsible missions.
– Make diversity a real asset of Clermont sport.
– Launch and support various measures aimed at promoting individual, family and intergenerational sports.

Contact. WHO Secretariat, Philippe-Marcombes Stadium, 121, avenue de la Liberation, Clermont-Ferrand. Phone.


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The year of the creation of the Municipal Sports Office.

Great ambitions

The Municipal Sports Office is reinventing itself and is not lacking in ambition for its city by associating sport and culture with this project which aims to include sport within the framework of the candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028, in highlighting its built heritage. Another challenge, with a view to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, is to imagine and design a promotion of the sportswomen and sportspeople who have marked the history of the city, whether through their performances whatever the level or through their loyalty and their commitment to the city.

premium In Clermont-Ferrand, the new Philippe-Marcombes stadium is finally delivered

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