May 14, 2022

The Millau Sport-Health Center officially inaugurated

Cfive months after obtaining the label issued by the Ministry in charge of Sports and that of Solidarity, Florence Carrat, head of Solution Sport, boulevard Georges-Brassens, invited elected officials and institutional officials this Thursday, September 23 for the official inauguration of the “Maison Sport Santé” in Millau.

Visit of the Solution Sport facilities.

As a reminder, The objective of a Sport-Health Center is to provide access to daily physical and sporting activity at all times of life. They allow users to benefit in particular from support to learn more about the benefits of regularly practicing physical and sporting activity..

The Maison Sport Santé de Millau works to network health and sports professionals (sports professionals, health professionals, multidisciplinary centers, institutions, local communities, educational establishments, medico-social centers, companies, mutual societies, etc.) , to facilitate orientation and access to physical and sporting activities and adapted physical activity. ” Everyone can bring their stone to the building », assure Florence Carrat.

“Our job will be to make known the action of the Maison Sport Santé”

« Your role is that of being an impeller, decision maker – since it is you who implement local policies – so that we succeed in setting up a global approach that coordinates everyone’s projects. “, Declared the person in charge of Solution Sport in front of an audience of elected officials and officials, while recalling that the stake is” social as well as health and economic “. And take two examples: ” one in five children do not get enough physical activity “, and ” 65% of adults stay more than seven hours a day in a sedentary state which makes people sick »…

« Obtaining this label is recognition of the work accomplished, and it is a good thing for your company as well as for the Millavian basin., assured Emmanuelle Gazel, mayor of Millau. On our catchment area, many things are implemented in the field of health sport, but they lack visibility, consistency and relevance. Our job will be to publicize the action of the Maison Sport Santé, but I have no doubt that it will work. »

Another meeting will be organized soon with health professionals.