January 26, 2022

The hotel Sport Ouessant et Spa obtains the label “Maison sport santé” – Ile d’Ouessant

Tensions eased after the turmoil aroused by the promised use of the hotel’s pool by the Ouessantins. The inscriptions on the walls of the new establishment have still not been linked to its author. “After reflection, I prefer not to know who did it, since it is a person who lives on the island and whom I will surely come across,” explains Sophie Chave, owner of the hotel.

All kinds of audiences

Since this regrettable sequence, the Sport Santé Ouessant association has indeed seen the light of day, with an office made up mainly of inhabitants of the island. It is the creation of this association which made it possible to respond to the call for projects of these centers allowing the reception of people followed for a pathology. Obtaining this label (several units in Finistère) recognizes the establishment’s capacity to accommodate people requiring rehabilitation through sport. “I am going to get closer to the Brest University Hospital to strengthen our reception of people requiring support to resume physical activity, especially for the inhabitants of Molène and Ouessant”, continues Sophie Chave.

Built on land formerly managed by the Parc d’Armorique, the hotel has obtained all the authorizations to develop by the sea. One of the many victories of the project leader who is not from the island. (Photo Sophie Chave)

Yoga, Nordic walking, muscle strengthening, swimming and aquatic activity (aquagym, aquabike), relaxation… All of these activities are offered to ordinary customers, outside the medical course. The specially created association will also make it possible to launch supervised activities for the Ouessantins who will be able to benefit in particular from activities in the swimming pool. “There was never any question of making the swimming pool (18 m by 3 m) and the jacuzzi area accessible to the general public. I believe that the population understood this well today, ”emphasizes Sophie Chave. But to offer group activities, via specific supervision.

Looking forward to wrapping up a whole year

We know how difficult the transplant is to take on the Ponant Islands … The local association is, in any case, operational. The hotel is seeking to finalize the hiring of a pool supervisor for supervised aquatic activities.

The luxury hotel (equivalent to four stars) will reopen at the beginning of February (until mid-November) and is about to experience its first full year of activity. “We can’t wait to have a full year, our last buildings having been completed last December and even though we had a very nice New Year’s Eve welcoming 27 clients,” says the owner.

There remains the uncertainty of the health crisis, despite a rigorously respected protocol in this fitness center built facing the bay of Lampaul in Ouessant. The hotel currently employs three full-time equivalents and plans to increase to five as it ramps up.