July 7, 2022

The Hermès house opens an ephemeral sports hall at the Beaux-Art

The Hermès house is launching a brand new sports concept, the “Hermès Fit”. A place dedicated to sport and fashion, to enjoy a fun experience and above all to regain a taste for physical activities. For this first French edition, the luxury house has chosen to invest the School of Fine Arts in Paris by transforming it into a real fitness room. The concept? Offer a unique experience where the world of fashion and that of sport meet and come together. The real result of the “Hermès Fit” campaign launched last spring, this experience has already been tested in New York, where it has met with great success. Reservations were full on day one. But the idea behind the sporting initiative remains to highlight the iconic Hermès accessories while immersing visitors in an immersive universe dedicated to the house.

Sports lessons mixed with Hermès accessories

In a decor in orange tones, the emblematic color of the house, scarves, hats and other shoes become sports accessories. From the “yoga square” where postures are tested with the famous Hermès square, through “the dumbbell” where shoes replace the traditional dumbbells, there will be activities for all types of athletes but especially for all levels. Thus, the less keen can go to the “Box’n bracelet”, where you tone your arms while wearing Hermès jewelry or try an “Athlé’cuir” course, to gain strength and flexibility. using small leather goods.

“Dumbbell shoe” session. Credit: Hermès

Visitors will also be able to enjoy a boxing ring, a climbing wall and a “weightlifting” rack with barbells and weights for building muscle. Hermès also promises other surprises such as thumb battles, roller-dancing happenings, concerts, a photo booth or an energizing juice bar. A whole program to discover while having fun.

Yoga posture with the famous Hermès square. Credit: Hermès

A unique and ephemeral experience

Offered in 45-minute sessions, these activities will be supervised by professional coaches who can guide and advise visitors. First, you start by choosing your favorite accessory (silk scarf, belt, shoe, etc.), then head to the fitness room to enjoy a 30-minute class with the professionals and finally, a moment of relaxation within the beauty space.

This event is only the beginning of a long series. The Hermès house has announced its wish to organize itinerant “Hermès Fit” all over the world. Tokyo, Taiwan and other cities should follow Paris …

Free entry by reservation (possible from November 15) from December 1 to 5 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Nocturnes until 10 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.