July 1, 2022

The good resolutions of the beginning of the year thwarted by the Covid

January, the good resolutions, the return to a gym. Inevitable consequence of questions about your belly that has grown or your breath that disappears after two floors, “(re)doing sport” is one of the most frequent decisions when you start the New Year full of good intentions.

In sports halls, January is also the month with the most registrations, with September. Of course, with the health context, they are less likely to push the doors of the rooms. “People don’t come much,” says Philippe Durand, owner of Club Vert at La Charité. “We had about ten new registrations in one week. Usually, it’s two or three times more, ”says the member of the regional office of FranceActive, the union of sports companies. “My colleagues told me the same thing. »

Two new sports halls are arriving in Nevers, including Basic Fit, which will open on Friday January 14

“Historically, January and September are the two most buoyant months,” confirms Charles Beaulieu, owner of Wood Fit and Coach Fit, in Nevers. “That remains the case this year when we still have people who come to find out, even if for our structure in the city center (Coach Fit), it’s a little more difficult because of teleworking which means that people don’t come to town. For him, rooms like his, with group lessons, are doing better than “machine parks” thanks to this permanent contact with customers. “People come to have a follow-up and those who arrive in January do not necessarily know how to do their program on their own. They also come for the social bond. »

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“Currently, you need the pass at the entrance and the mask to the cloakroom”

The fact remains that the introduction of the health pass has deprived the sports halls of part of their clientele. “I have around 20% of my customers who don’t have a pass,” continues Charles Beaulieu. “There are some that I really like, but I still tell them they can’t come in. And, conversely, others are reassured to go through the door with strict sanitary rules. “Philippe Durand, for his part, has seen a lot of subscription deferrals. “We have interested people, who tell us that they will come, but that they will wait to be sure that we will not have a new closure. A fear that he nevertheless brushed off with the back of his hand. “I can understand this fear of closure, but it does not pose a financial problem since subscriptions are suspended during this time. »

Room owners therefore continue to adapt constantly. “Currently, you need the pass at the entrance and the mask to the cloakroom”, explains Philippe Durand. “Every Thursday, I read the decrees and there is always something new,” adds Charles Beaulieu. And you have to keep smiling, despite the mask and the constraints, to welcome these new sports enthusiasts. Everyone has their good resolutions.

Vincent Darbeau