June 30, 2022

The Gérômois Sport Evening in pictures


géromois sport evening 2021 (1)

The Soirée du Sport Gérômois was back in person this Friday evening at the LAC space in Gérardmer which hosted the crème de la crème of local sport, but also those who sometimes work in the shadows to run clubs or organize events. sports.

An edition hosted by a unique pair: Jérôme Jan who also represented the N2 volleyball players in the spotlight and who were preparing for their Saturday night match; and Maxime Laheurte who, for his part, spoke with Michel Lavest about the first Montée du Tremplin rewarded in the “initiative of the year” category with the discovery of the hand-chair set up by ASG handball. An evening to which we will come back in more detail and of which here are the highlights in pictures (click to scroll through the gallery and reveal the captions):

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