July 1, 2022

The future managers of the Limoges Sports Law and Economics Center visit the Senate in Paris

It was the last day. The fourth. The students of the 12th promotion of general manager of professional sport had an appointment rue de Vaugirard in Paris, at the Senate.

Passed through security (X-ray luggage and portico), the students found themselves under the gold of the Republic at the Luxembourg Palace. In a large living room, thick carpet and impressive chandelier on the ceiling, future managers were treated to the last lessons of this session devoted to the institutional framework and the legal status of professional clubs.


The senator from Isère, Michel Savin, welcomed the promotion highlighting the reputation and recognized expertise of the CDES, and the usefulness and importance of the work of the Senate in the field of sport.

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NL 11

From then on, the training could start with a duo in charge for the first course on the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Without note, Jean-Pierre Karaquillo, co-founder of the CDES, and Bernard Foucher, Councilor of State, passed the ball to each other with great blows of explanations and examples, giving their demonstration the necessary pedagogy. to keep students’ attention.

The result could have been austere with the magistrate Hakim Khellaf, invited to discuss the methodology and environment of a control of the Court of Auditors … But as soon as he spoke, the face of the referendum advisor is illuminated to deliver for an hour a brilliant presentation, never boring on a subject which is at the base a little boring.

René Bouscatel, president of the National Rugby League, succeeded him before and after the meal with a bonus visit to the Senate.

The timing required that the premises be vacated at 3 p.m. Each student was able to join his home, head and notebooks full of lessons and information. Until the next session …

12e promotion 2019-2021
Erwan Agostini (ice hockey), Grégory Bourillon (football), Yohan Cabaye (football), Mathieu Cidre (rugby), Gilles Cioni (football), Bastien Cismondo (handball), Johan Curbilié (football), Jeremy Davidson (rugby), Fabien Gegenbacher (rugby), Jorge Gonzalez (rugby), Yoann Huget (rugby), Nicolas Lemonne (handball), Grégory Lorenzi (football), Olivier Magne (rugby), Hugo Moulinier (volleyball), Safi N’Diaye (rugby) ), Shabani Nonda (football), Grégory Paisley (football), Loïc Perrin (football), Julien Pinot (cycling), Laurence Plasman (volleyball). Speakers 3rd session
Here is the list of speakers for the 3rd session: Jean-Christophe Breillat (lawyer, CDES, president of the CDES Progesport association), Éric Ropert (general manager of the French Ice Hockey Federation), Kenny Jean-Marie (director in charge of FIFA member sports federations), Florence Peyer (lawyer, CDES), Jean-Pierre Karaquillo (co-founder of CDES), Étienne Capon (general manager of the National Handball League), Xavier Thuilot (former general manager of Lille and Saint -Étienne, General Manager of SCO Angers), Bernard Foucher (State Councilor, President of the UCI Ethics Commission), Franck Lagarde (lawyer, specialist in sports law, CDES), Nicolas Blanchard (lawyer, CDES), Hakim Khellaf (magistrate, referendum advisor, court of accounts), René Bouscatel (president of the National Rugby League).

Jean-Christophe Bourdin

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