May 22, 2022

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Teura Tupaia – candidate n°4

Discover the portrait of Teura Tupaia, javelin champion, who is competing against 11 other athletes for the title of athlete of the year 2022. The prize will be awarded on February 16 during a special evening organized by Polynésie la 1ère.

Since his adolescence, Teura Tupaia has been one of the gifted Polynesian athletes, specializing in javelin throwing.

He chained the titles of champion of France hope throughout his adolescence. Licensed to the Aorai club, he had the courage to leave at 17 to try his luck in France.

Aged 21 today, he currently lives in Strasbourg and is following a course in science and techniques of physical and sports activities, he is currently in his second year.

Vice-champion of France elite javelin throwing in 2020, Teura finally offers himself the coronation of champion of France elite 2021.

He also won the European Cup throwing javelin competition in Split with a throw of 80.46 meters, an exceptional performance. His dream is getting closer, that of participating in the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Teura Tupaia – candidate n°4

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Born the February 6, 2000 in Papeete

Origins: Half-Tahitian, half-French mother and Tahitian father from Raiatea

Family situation : Single

A hero from your childhood? : My father

If you were an animal ? An eagle, to feel free in the air

A moral value? Never give up and always give your all

Your professional activity? Currently in second year of STAPS

Tes sponsors ? cryo synergy

  • Meeting of Strasbourg, gold medal with 80m86, record of France hope
  • European Cup in Split, Croatia, gold medal with 80m46
  • European Espoir Championship in Talin, Estonia, bronze medal with 78m

Your sporting debut, an anecdote, a memory?

“I started athletics at the age of 11 with my cousin Teiva Brinckfieldt and my uncle Leo Brinckfieldt who has always been my coach when I’m in Tahiti. I was doing handball before doing athletics because my whole family is into handball (father, brothers and mother). Before specializing in the javelin, I did everything (running, jumping, throwing) more particularly hurdles, height and the javelin. As the years passed, the more I focused on javelin throwing, which allowed me to reach this level. »

What do you like about your sport, why did you choose it?

“I love watching my javelin fly, especially after all the hard work that goes into it. Even if this year was again complicated by the health crisis, I was happy with my results. Despite a few physical glitches, I was able to beat my personal record, the French hope record, obtain the title of elite French champion and qualify for several European competitions. The balance sheet is positive. »

Describe your training, your coaching, your nutrition?

“I train six to eight times a week with different phases. During cycle one, we will seek to gain strength and muscle mass. During cycle two, we will try to gain in explosiveness and work on technique. Cycle three, we will try to prepare for the summer competitions. In terms of nutrition, I have to pay attention to my weight. With my coach, we use video to analyze and improve my performance. »

A message for the population, your philosophy of life, any advice?

“It’s never easy to leave your island and your loved ones. But by dint of perseverance, I was able to obtain good results this year. I hope to be able to progress further to reach my goal, to continue to shine at the highest level of the national javelin to hope to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris. »

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Teura Tupaia – candidate n°4

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Vote for Teura Tupaia by sending TDS + 4 to 7535 (103 F + the cost of the sms) and take part in the draw to try to win a plane ticket A/R Papeete/Los Angeles and smartphones.