May 22, 2022

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Michel Bourez – candidate n°2

Discover the portrait of Michel Bourez, one of the best surfers in the world, who is competing against 11 other athletes for the title of sportsman of the year 2022. The prize will be awarded on February 16 during a special evening organized by Polynésie la 1st.

Michel Bourez, 36, has just spent his 13th year in 2021 on the “World Championship Tour”, the professional tour organized by the World Surf League.

The year 2021 was complicated for him since for the first time he failed to requalify for the following season, the 2022 season. Neck injury, Teahupo’o Pro canceled at the last minute due to the health crisis, small waves in Australia…there were many difficulties.

But there are also very positive. While the goal, the dream of many Polynesian athletes is to try to qualify for the Olympic Games, Michel Bourez succeeded this year in participating! He even won a fifth place in Japan against the best surfers in the world by being the best Frenchman. His goal ? Don’t give up and now aim for qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games in Teahupo’o…

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Michel Bourez – candidate n°2

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Neither on December 30, 1985 in Moerai (Rurutu)

Origins : Father of European origin born in New Caledonia, mother of Paumotu origin from Anaa Island.

Family situation : Married, two children

A hero from your childhood? : My father because he always instilled in me values ​​such as perseverance and commitment.

If you were an animal ? A gorilla because it is a calm animal that has great physical strength.

A moral value? When we want we can.

Your professional activity? professional surfer

Tes sponsors ? Red Bull, Firewire Surfboards, Air Tahiti Nui, Future fins, Oam, Seadoo, OPT

The 2022 Sport Trophies: Michel Bourez – candidate n°2

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  • 5th at the Tokyo Olympics
  • 2e au Quiksilver Pro France

Your sporting debut, an anecdote, a memory?

“I started with football, I was surfing a bit nearby, at 8 years old, at home in Mataiea with my big brother Naea. My aunt Nathalie had passed us a foam board. I wanted to do like the greats I admired and have fun with them in the water. Around 14-15 years old, I left football to devote myself to surfing. It was the beginning of a long story between me and the ocean. It is thanks to good supervision that I was able to make a place for myself in the professional world by managing to join the world surfing championship in 2009. »

What do you like about your sport, why did you choose it?

“What I like is this connection with the ocean, the fact of being able to express oneself freely, to share intimate moments with the sea. The fact also of always being able to project oneself into the future because one can always o improve, you can always progress, it never stops. When you surf alone, you are “part of the scenery”, for me it is a great pleasure. »

Describe your training, your coaching, your nutrition?

“I injured myself in Hossegor a few months ago so at the moment it’s complicated because I’m going to have surgery. So, at the training level, it’s mainly surfing, cycling, exercises at home.

I learned a lot and I continue to learn thanks to Red Bull which provides us with coaches all over the world during competitions. I still pay attention to what I eat, I avoid anything that is fried, anything that is too fatty. You have to know what you want in life. Nutrition is life. A healthy lifestyle is essential to be happy and to be on the right path. »

A message for the population, your philosophy of life, any advice?

” Family first. You can be very good but if you don’t want to start competing or you do it halfway and you lose your sponsor, you lose everything. It all depends on the flame that you have in you and how long it will last especially, because there will come a time in life when you lose the desire a little. Finally, you must never give up. I’m just someone who never gave up, it’s as simple as that. »

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