January 29, 2022

Test – Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

In short

Electric station wagon

From 136,619 €

490 km of autonomy WLTP

Even Porsche did not expect such success when it launched its very first all-electric car. Launched in 2019, the Taycan climbed to third place in the German brand’s best-selling world in the first three quarters of 2021 with 28,640 units sold out of a total of 217,198, behind the Cayenne (62,451) and the Macan (61,944). It is therefore better than the real automobile myth that is the 911 (27 972) and above all above the Panamera (20 275), the other large sedan from Stuttgart. And the latter is absolutely not swallowed up by its electric sister since its sales are even up 1% compared to the previous year over the same period.

Test – Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

It is therefore easy to understand Porsche’s desire to decline the model in several versions, here is the third, the Sport Turismo. Who is it ? Well, it’s up to you: it’s either a station wagon version of the Taycan sedan, or a lowered version devoid of the distinctive aesthetic elements of the Cross Turismo. We find in fact the extended roof line of the latter which has a double advantage: add 45 mm of headroom for the rear passengers, which does not seem much but that constitutes the difference between comfort and discomfort for passengers. measuring more than 1.80 m, and increasing the loading volume of the boot made more accessible by an electric tailgate. We thus pass from the 407 liters of the sedan, which is really not much for a car familiar with the five meters long, to 446 liters, which is a little better, and even to 1212 liters once the files. folded rear seats, not to mention the additional 84 liters provided by the front trunk. And, aesthetically, what does that give? Well that will probably start a debate, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comments on which version you prefer, but the Taycan is already fabulous to look at in sedan version. This Sport Turismo may have a slightly less spectacular profile, but its hunting station wagon looks aren’t lacking in charm either.

Test - Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

We lose a little of the purity of the line of the sedan but the profile of the hunting station wagon is not lacking in charm either.

It is in fact a double presentation that we were invited since the Sport Turismo inaugurates a label to which the Taycan had not been entitled until then, GTS, the only version available at launch and which also benefits the sedan but not the Cross Turismo. At Porsche, this refers to “versatile sports cars”, by which means models with a sporty exterior and interior presentation, a sharp chassis and reasonable power. But “reasonable” does not mean the same for all manufacturers: here, the GTS borrows the front engine of the 4S and Turbo, the EM 190/160, and the rear of the Turbo, the EM 245/210 , to reach 517 hp and 850 Nm, or even 598 hp when using the Launch Control system. Enough to place the GTS sedan halfway between the 530 hp 4S and the 680 hp Turbo and send the 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 s for a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

Test - Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

Two adults over 1.80 m can be comfortably seated in the rear.

Question autonomy, the GTS takes the battery of 83.7 kWh useful but receives the honors of a new electronic optimization of efficiency which will also inherit then the other versions but which allows him to win the temporary title of Taycan at the largest radius. action, with up to 504 km in one charge for the sedan and 490 km for the Sport Turismo station wagon due to a slightly poorer air penetration coefficient (0.25 instead of 0.22 ). When it comes to recharging, the 800V architecture of the Taycan always works wonders, with the best figures on the market: in alternating current, that is to say from the mains socket to the public terminal, it can collect up to 11 kW as standard and 22 kW as an option against € 1,680, enough to fill up with electrons in five hours. With direct current on so-called fast charging terminals such as the Ionity, the admissible power goes up to 270 kW, making it possible to regain 80% of the capacity in 22 minutes.

Test - Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

The Carmine Red shade particularly highlights the glossy black painted elements of this GTS version.

The GTS, whether in sedan or Sport Turismo station wagon, are also distinguished aesthetically by a decidedly sportier presentation: on the outside, they adopt the Sport Design bumpers and sills as standard and cover all the chrome elements of the vehicle. ‘a glossy black paint job matching the darkened 20-inch Turbo Aero headlamps and rims. Inside, the sport seats with the GTS logo embroidered in the headrest as well as the steering wheel and some parts of the dashboard are covered with Alcantara.

Test - Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS (2021): the missing link

It is here, behind this wheel, that the magic happens.

In terms of prices, the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo GTS is exchanged for 136,619 €, or precisely 960 € more than the sedan, which seems to be a more than reasonable extension for the practical gain it brings.