May 24, 2022

sports halls in turmoil


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J.Lonchampt, V.Vermot-Gaud, S.Malin

France 2

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The health pass has been compulsory since July 21 in sports halls. The impact on the activity is already considerable, according to professionals.

Since July 21, the health pass is required at the entrance of sports halls with a capacity exceeding 50 people. Without this document, it is impossible to train. “Pleasure rhymes with headache”, deplores a client. Consequence in a Parisian club, attendance was divided by three. “We have about between 10 and 20 [personnes] every day that asks us to either terminate or freeze subscriptions. Fixed costs continue “, comments Bertrand Bonelli, director of Circles de la forme.

With the introduction of the health pass, hundreds of gyms are doing the same thing. According to a study carried out by 1,700 clubs, 20% of managers have received insults or threats. “There almost had a fight in my ward because of the health pass”, testifies a client on social networks. According to Thierry Doll, president of a union representing the profession, Active-FNEAPL, several attacks took place in less than a week. Many sports halls then rely on the start of the school year to relaunch their activity.