May 13, 2022

Sports: Ciryl Gane hopes to bring MMA out of the shadows




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the MMA is a new sport that mixes boxing and martial arts. Two men will face each other in a cage on the night of Saturday January 22 to Sunday January 23 in California (United States). A Frenchman aims for the weight world champion belt heavy.

The duel is presented as one of the fights of the century. On the one hand, the Cameroonian Francis Ngannou, the defending champion, on the other Ciryl I win, the French challenger. The two athletes, who will compete in The Angeles on the night of Saturday January 22 to Sunday January 23, know each other well. Four years ago, they shared the same coach in Paris. “It’s an opposition worthy of David and Goliath”, underlines Fernand Lopez, a coach of MMA.

Mix of Thai boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, judo and English boxing, the MMA has approximately 70,000 practitioners in France. Until 2020, competitions were prohibited there, to the chagrin of athletes. Tonight Ciryl I win should talk about his combat intelligence, facing Francis Ngannou, affectionately nicknamed “Pretador“. The Frenchman hopes to sound a first Marseillaise in the United States, which would be a consecration for him and a great showcase for his new sport.

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