July 7, 2022

Sports, army and youth days in Melun: sport to present the Army’s professions

The school for officers of the gendarmerie of Melun hosted the Sports, Army, Youth Days (JSAJ) (©G.T/RSM77)

Wednesday November 10, National Gendarmerie Officers School (EOGN), in Melun, was the nerve center of the Army. Some 150 middle and high school students from Ile-de-France took part in the launch of the 16e edition of Sports, army, youth days (JSAJ). This national device, which takes place from November 10 to May 31, aims, through the practice of sport, to make the defense and the armies known to colleges and high schools in the various military units.

“Adhere to the values ​​of the Republic”

“Every year, an army corps is selected for the organization and it is the EOGN that has been chosen,” explains Major General Laurent Bitouzet. This is good, because we are at the heart of our missions: welcoming high school students and sharing around the values ​​of sport and the spirit of Defense. It is a fine example of transmission and demonstration, it makes young people want to adhere to the values ​​of the Republic and to get to know the armies better. “

The principle is simple: the young forms of teams of 4 to 10 students and, via sports workshops, they will engage in a competition with the challenge of finishing on the podium at the end of the day. At the same time, they were able to visit the stands of the various army corps such as those of the National Navy, the Land Army, the Air and Space Army and of course the national gendarmerie.

An experience that remains great for young people. On the performance side, Lycée Delacroix de Drancy has achieved the feat of placing three of its teams on the three steps of the podium. “It’s frankly cool and intense,” smiles 14-year-old Charly from the Père-Jacques college in Villeneuve-le-Comte. We did cross-fit, vortex throwing, but also laser shooting. It’s incredible. “

Olympic medalists

Vakasseni, from Drancy, enjoyed the day at EOGN
Vakasseni, from Drancy, enjoyed the day at EOGN

For Vakasseni, 17, from Lycée Delacroix in Drancy, this day was enriching on several points: “The cohesion of teams, we also exchanged contacts with other high schools. I was able to realize a dream thanks to the parachute stand, the fact of touching the HK 416 assault rifle. You can see it in video games and there I had it in my hands, it’s impressive. We have another vision because we were told about the damage it could do. “

The students also had the chance to meet professional sportsmen from the gendarmerie, who came especially for the occasion, some of whom returned medalists from the Tokyo Olympics. “We shared our experience with young people, exchanged views, explained our professional and sporting career,” concludes Christopher Patte, pentathlete and member of the France Olympic team. We too were in their shoes too at the beginning and dreams can come true! “

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