July 7, 2022

Sport tire Dunlop Qualifier CORE

The successor to the Qualifier II

Better grip in the wet for the manufacturer’s low-budget sports tire

Dunlop extends its range of hypersport motorcycle tires with the arrival of the new Qualifier CORE, an affordable tire designed for entry-level and medium-displacement sports cars and roadsters.

Successor to the Qualifier 2, the Qualifier CORE incorporates the latest technologies from the tire manufacturer, which manufactures its tires in France in Montluçon, in a sports tire cut for small budgets. It thus takes up the typical shape of Dunlop sports tires at the front with the Dynamic Front Formula, with the same carcass tension control system which ensures better stability in curves or the JLB jointless construction allowing eliminate overlapping layers.

But its main point of evolution compared to its predecessor concerns the grip on wet ground, improved thanks to a compound enriched in silica. The tread pattern is inspired by its side of the first generation Sportmax SportSmart, adjusted for the occasion to help improve performance in the wet. Dunlop has also tuned the compound to ensure more even wear providing consistent performance over the life of the tyre.

The Qualifier CORE promises more grip in the wet
The Qualifier CORE promises more grip in the wet

Luca Davide Andreoni, Marketing Director of Dunlop Europe :

“We developed the Qualifier CORE following an ‘affordable performance’ philosophy, to distill the properties of our cutting-edge hypersport tires […] in an affordable package that offers a great solution for riders on a budget.”

The Qualifier CORE thus completes Dunlop’s offer for sports cars by joining the range already made up of the SportSmart TT and SportSmart Mk3. Available now in one front tire size and two rear tire sizes, the Qualifier CORE will be available in four additional sizes in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Dimensions of Dunlop Qualifier CORE and Tire

Before Back

*available end 2022

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