May 24, 2022

Sport: look back at the weekend

In the fog of Massabielle, the Vendée Les Herbiers Football won in the last minutes against Montpellier.

This Saturday, January 15, cold and fog enveloped Massabielle during the match between the VHF and the young reservists of Montpellier.

This did not prevent the “red and black” from being immediately in the heat of the action since Quentin Grégorio opened the scoring with a center with a line from Moïse Mahop from the start of the meeting (1-0 , 1st).

The VHF pushed but could not convert the few chances that he got mainly on set pieces before half-time.

Returning from the locker room, it was the visitors who imitated the VHF by equalizing in the first moments of the 2nd period by Marius Ros (1-1, 46th).

“We are off to a good start. We even thought on the bench that the match was going to be easier. We can’t put this second on set pieces. And opposite, they were on a 5-3-2 and very slowly we lost the thread of the match and the balance of power. We found ourselves picked cold at the start of the second half and we ended up in a non-match. I haven’t found the Herbiers team. There was no binder. I even wondered how we were going to be able to win this match”, analyzed coach Stéphane Masala, after the meeting.

The score was not going to stop there since Pierre Grellier, returned in the 62nd, was going to tip the encounter on an error from the Montpellier goalkeeper who released the ball just in front of him. The Herbretais striker was quick to push the ball into the back of the net (2-1, 86th), offering three precious points to the VHF.

“There was a twist of fate, we had to follow this ball, be there. We will retain the 3 points but it is true that we feel very disappointed with the performance of the team. “, concluded Stéphane Masala. Next meeting this Saturday, January 22 on the side of Andrézieux.

Among the handball players, morale is high after a victorious recovery on January 8th. Ilias Nagnonhou’s players are 3rd in the standings and intend to keep this place by hosting Joué-les-Tours this Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Donjon room.