June 30, 2022

Sport Découverte surfs your desires

October 2, 2021 at 2:15 PM by Partner article

For those with ants in their legs and the need to get away from it all, think Sport Découverte.

We guess, like us, you have ants in your legs, after months of confinement and sidelining all outdoor pleasures. It is also statistically proven that the French are on the move and on the ground this is reflected, by many indicators, such as the increase in reservations, observed lately, on the platform, Sport-decouverte.com .

Discovery sport reference 4,500 activities to “get away from it all”

Central for booking sports activities and beyond, the brand is a dominant player in its sector and has continued to move forward since its launch 18 years ago. At the age of majority, Sport Découverte claims 4,500 registered activities and more than 100,000 new customers each year since its creation. From the south of France, in La Ciotat, where the company is headquartered, there will soon be around thirty officers behind this e-commerce site, with an emphasis on the desire to escape. Which just hits the mark, with many of us.

A clear preference for aerial activities

If the catalog is rich, thrill seekers all have their preferences. Forgive us for saying it, but the French like to get laid; helicopter baptisms, parachute jumping and other hot air balloon baptisms are the most popular. Acrophobes will find pleasure elsewhere, between water activities, mountain or road, especially on secure tracks, driving cars inaccessible to the general public. This is another particularly popular service.

In full swing at the age of majority

For this to work, you need good partners in all areas, this is an aspect that Sport Découverte defends, which rigorously selects its own. The formula is winning. The dynamics are currently so good, that it is not uncommon for the company to recruit new profiles, via its professional social networks. The media The echoes the class in 2021, in the top 500 of “growth champions”, otherwise known as: “Success stories of all sizes (..), in all sectors of the economy”.

For this fall, the trend remains towards the safest values; the demands for parachute jumps are not weakening. To offer or to offer, it all depends on the period and desires. But with Christmas approaching, more and more people are thinking that it is a safe bet so as not to be mistaken.

Three questions to …

Patrice Robert, Web manager

What is the typical portrait of the consumer at Sport Découverte?
Rather, she is a woman in her thirties who lives in a large urban center. We now see a greater proportion of women than men doing thrilling activities.

In 18 years, have the trends changed a lot?
It is above all consumption patterns that have evolved. Before, activities were reserved for initiates who knew sports. Now, we are more oriented towards democratization, and even a stronger feminization of activities (see previous question), activities themselves less geared towards extreme sport. Add to that a change in the mode of access which has obviously become mobile first. In a nutshell, everyone gets down to business, hence our role in supporting clients.

Will we one day find a trip to space in the catalog of your activities?
I cannot be completely affirmative, but one thing is certain: if one day the activity is feasible, it will necessarily be in the Sport-Decouverte.com catalog!