May 24, 2022

Sport and its values ​​are invited to the Tulle detention center (Corrèze)

For the third year in a row, the Tulle remand center has renewed the “Feel sport” operation. A meeting organized in partnership with the Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee of Corrèze which, this year, was further developed in the establishment with always the same idea: to share sport and its values.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the inmates were therefore invited to discoveries with the program of field hockey, but also fencing. “This year, we have enriched the partnerships,” said Thierry Jouffroy, director of the penitentiary.The discovery of fencing was on the program for three mornings.

Heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation …

In the small courtyard now dedicated to sports, after the recent installation of a specific coating, the 2021 edition ended on Wednesday with a hockey workshop. But in addition to sports exercise, coached by Adrien, sports instructor, and a sports facilitator from Profession sport Limousin, another partner of the event, several medical and scientific insights were offered this year.

In order to concretely measure their efforts, the inmates tested themselves with professional equipment, such as a dynamometer here.

“The idea was to be able to go further and inform participants as much about sports nutrition, the risks of physical activity, as to explain what happens in the body during exercise,” continued the director. Also, before, during and after each workshop, the detainees were entitled to real medical lighting.

“They were asked to take their oxygen saturation and heart rate values ​​to understand their body and its functioning,” illustrated Armelle, scientific mediator for the Récréasports association, invited for the first time this year. And to complete the device, the nurses from the establishment’s medical unit also explained the importance of nutrition and hydration, but also the benefits of physical activity against stress and for greater well-being. be and better health.

Clear your head, fight against a sedentary lifestyle“Here, more than elsewhere perhaps, sedentary lifestyle lurks and it is important to explain all the benefits of sport”, judged Olivier Peuch, president of Profession sport Limousin. And Jean-François Teyssandier underlines under the CDOS 19 that he chairs: “We continue to be partners, because sport and its values ​​must also concern these audiences. Sport is also a reintegration tool. “

With the partners, t-shirts with the logo of the Olympic and sports committee were offered to participating inmates.

On the side of the participants, smiles are on all faces at the end of the match. “It changes from what we can do in normal times. And then the time that we discover these activities, we escape a little, we have less head in our detention, time passes faster, ”confided Vincent, who tested all the activities.

This coating with a surface area of ​​170 m2 is made from recycled used tennis balls. It was co-financed by the French Tennis Federation and the interregional directorate of prison services.

Text: Julien Bachellerie