July 4, 2022

Sport, a friend who wants good for your health, without age limit

Sport is a precious ally for health. While physical activity is not a miracle drug, it can prevent disease and keep it at bay, regardless of your age. Testimonials in Montpellier.

Occitania is a land of athletes: a quarter of the population is licensed in a sports club, which is higher than many other regions. Another local peculiarity, the average age of the practitioners. Here, it is higher than elsewhere: a quarter of the practitioners are at least 65 years old. In short, the seniors have the fishing!

According to a diagnosis on sport in the region carried out a few years ago by the Center for Sports Law and Economics, Occitanie ranks fourth among the most sporting regions in terms of the number of participants and above all in the first rank. in terms of rate of practice.

For the majority, it is a free practice, which takes place mainly outdoors, in nature.

On the podium, we find cycling, hiking and swimming in first place. Motivation number one: health.

Exercising during and immediately after pregnancy no longer seems to be a taboo subject. Ombeline Gavroy, Pilate and fitness teacher, is convinced of this.

In parallel with pilates for pregnant women, this young gardoise has started to develop a new activity in Montpellier: the stroller gym.

Born across the Atlantic 20 years ago, this discipline is in its infancy in the region.

“It’s a way of regaining possession of her body for the young mother, of putting everything back in place. It has a snowball effect, because we feel better, we sleep better, we are less stressed. The baby feels it too, so he sleeps better, he eats better, it’s really a magical combo that is good for the whole family system “ affirms Ombeline Gavroy.

Last October, it was the first session of the year for two young women Justine and Teresa:

After childbirth, it’s always difficult, the body has changed. The stroller gym is a great way to start moving and it’s an activity you can do with your baby, so it’s also a moment of sharing.


mom of a 6 month old baby girl

Confinement and its attendant anguish have propelled yoga to the top of sports disciplines. One in 5 French people has done it at least once in the past 3 years: a record!

This practice from India allows, while respecting the physical possibilities of each one, to alleviate his stress, to strengthen his body, to open his lungs, to mobilize his joints again.

At 72 years old, Bernard has become an assiduous student of one of the Hatha Yoga centers in Montpellier. He has been practicing this traditional discipline for 6 years:

It was my doctor who once told me, you should do yoga because you are very stiff, and besides you have a little nervous temper, it will do you the greatest good. So I got into it, and frankly, I don’t regret it!


Yoga practitioner in Montpellier

For Jacques Morin, who opened his yoga room dedicated to the practice of hatha yoga in 2015, yoga is mainly used as a preventive measure: muscle stretching, oxygenation of the organs, work on breathing and relaxation help prevent health problems “.

This global approach to the body would also make it possible to improve general health, and even sometimes to keep certain serious illnesses at bay, as evidenced by some students encountered on site:

Yoga doesn’t fix a broken vertebra, that’s for sure, but it does a lot posture. We learn to live with what we have!


victim of ski jumping accident

“Since I practice yoga in a much more calm way, it is a complete change in my everyday life, with less fear, anxiety and therefore less crisis as well” says Lisa, who has multiple sclerosis.

In the sports field: it’s all about balance, in fact. A balance that can be lost through inactivity or muscle wasting.

Is sport going to allow us to cure pathology? On its own, I don’t think so, but it is a vector to be in shape, happy, fulfilled … That is obvious.

Doctor Philippe Sablayrolles,

specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation in Montpellier

To recover from a physical upheaval, an accident or simply to defy the passing of time, more and more people are heading for the sea to practice the loin.

Immersed up to the torso, the followers roam the beach performing various exercises for a good hour, summer and winter.

Thanks to the seawater that carries them, this endurance sport remains very gentle on their joints. It remains nevertheless demanding in terms of breath, especially as good humor seems to be omnipresent in the different groups that can be seen all year round on the Hérault coast, from Carnon to La Grande-Motte for example.

And playing sports at 80 or more spring, is that really reasonable? Yes, the doctors specializing in gerontology answer without hesitation, old age is compatible with an adapted physical activity:

At 80, a person still has capacities that must be mobilized in the service of their health.

Pierrick Bernard,

Gerontologist and lecturer at the University of Montpellier

In short, whatever your age, being active is always good. Regardless of the type of effort and the duration, physical activity, even light, reduces stress and anxiety.

Quite simply, it increases life expectancy!