July 4, 2022

Soon a sports-health center in Elbeuf: “Sport is a medicine”

For the moment, it is the Poussin room that must accommodate this sports-health center. (©DR Google)

What are we talking about ?

Soon additional equipment in Elbeuf? A sports-health center may be installed in the first quarter of 2022 in the Poussin room. Here, it will be a question of reconciling sport and health for the Elbeuviens.

You want to get back in shape, or you must respond to a prescription from a doctor who tells you that you must get into sport … Then destination the sport-health center where educators can accompany you over several weeks to help you in your program. “We must make people understand that sport is a medicine,” launches the mayor of Elbeuf, Djoudé Merabet.

For who ?

“More and more, doctors are prescribing sports for their patients,” notes the mayor. And this for people with cancer as for overweight or too sedentary individuals. Under these conditions, the sports-health center is ideal. “It will be part of the course of care”, even indicates Barbara Dubourg, the president of the WHO.

But you don’t need to have passed through the doctor’s cabin to open the doors of the Poussin room. On your own, you will be able to come and “look” for information on clubs, sports, practices. “It will be a place of welcome open to all”, summarizes the mayor. Associations can hold hotlines such as Heart and Health or the league against cancer. “The educators will then do a physical audit and will set up a program adapted to each one over eight weeks”, specifies Barbara Dubourg.

Why in Elbeuf?

In the town, a public health problem has been identified. “We have sedentary lifestyle issues,” adds the mayor, who adds that “health indicators” are not very good in Elbeuf.

“We have a part of the population very far from the practice of sport”, abounds Barbara Dubourg who connects that “to the poverty rate of 30%” in the town.

An ongoing investigation

To carry out this project, the town hall and the WHO, the two main pilots (even if very many actors are around the table on this kind of study), set up a questionnaire to question the Elbeuviens on this sports-health house. What services would you like to find in this house? At what time do you want it to open?

” nowadays [vendredi 12 novembre, N.D.L.R.] we have already had 250 returns, ”explains Barbara Dubourg. What marks a marked interest of the population for this proposal. See you in a few months – no doubt – for its opening.

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