July 7, 2022

SM Caen. Stéphane Moulin: “Today, we are sick”

Stéphane Moulin has something to be disillusioned with. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

After more than 45 minutes of waiting, Stéphane Moulin ended up appearing in the press room of the Ornano stadium after the defeat of Caen against Paris FC, Saturday, November 20, 2021. Not dejected, the weed control coach accuses everything of even the blow. Strongly.

Stéphane Moulin, coach of SM Caen: “We just can’t do it. Contrary to what one might think, there are no lazy people. We are the team that runs the most in Ligue 2, but running is not enough. We have gaps. Faced with a team that is relatively superior to us, and even quite widely, it is even more visible. These are very difficult times to experience. I fully understand the public reaction. The problem is, that only makes the problem worse. Behind you face a mental problem. It’s difficult. You are losing your means, at least in part. Already, in our means, we have shortages. So when you have even less money… We are responsible for everything.

We must not forget that those who will make us win games are the players. My role is to help them because they are in great difficulty. Hitting them won’t get us where we want to go. It is not defending them, it is not protecting them. Even if you can’t see it, the guys are working, they’re listening, they want to, they don’t give up. But sometimes willpower is not enough. It is an essential value of a team sport but it is not always enough. I am convinced that if we had opened the scoring, we would not have felt this feeling of excitement. Today we are sick. The truth is that. My role is to find the right remedies to heal. The winter transfer window will be one of them. We are well aware that this group will have to be strengthened.

They tried to the end, awkwardly, in a haphazard way. We are limited, we must be aware of this. The matches follow each other and are a bit alike. It is clear that we have not found the right drugs. (Over 300 minutes without scoring.) The numbers speak volumes, this one is. “

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