July 3, 2022

SM Caen. Much too fragile, the Caen are spoiling their progress

Stéphane Moulin has enough to rage, but his team has been advancing a little more certainties in recent weeks. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

It has often been thought that the players of Stade Malherbe Caen had, on the whole, what they deserved. That is to say not much. Tuesday, December 21, 2021, we rather wanted to share the sorrow of these guilty Caen, of course, but deeply unhappy. At 2-0 in his favor, after 90 rather calm minutes despite a decline in the middle of the second period, Caen had victory in hand at Quevilly. His opponents have yet “come back from nowhere”, according to Stéphane Moulin, to score two goals in stoppage time and share the points (2-2).

We lost the thread. We have to admit that they brought more things than they did in the first half, but we had plenty to master despite that. We can only blame ourselves.

Stephane MoulinSM Caen coach

Caen “spoiled” by ” a mixture of lack of experience and lack of control, both technically and in terms of our emotions ”, according to his trainer. “When the grain of sand has entered the machine, you have the impression that it has messed up everything. We became feverish. »Marking errors did the rest.

The reflection of this team

There is finally all of Malherbe in these 95 minutes. “I would almost say that this match reflects quite well what we are, continues Stéphane Moulin. Who can do the most can do the least. Even in the same match, we are able to show two diametrically opposed faces. “

It’s been several times that points have escaped, it ends up being a lot. In two minutes, we lost five places. We drop two points at Auxerre, two points here …

Stephane MoulinSM Caen coach

“Don’t throw it all away”

Before they collapsed in a rather incomprehensible way, the Caennais had rather confirmed the rebound of the month of December. They were about to do what they hadn’t done for over a year, take seven points in three games. “You shouldn’t throw everything away,” stresses Stéphane Moulin. It would not be lucid. The game, on the whole, is a good one. I thought we had found some continuity. This was true in the 70 minute content, but the next 20 minutes showed us that it was not yet finalized. “

It was very beautiful

The weed farmers know their room for improvement all too well. They will have to achieve it quickly in the second part of the season, since they are only two points ahead of the red zone. The ninth place which extended its arms to them at the end of the first leg was surely too good …

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