January 23, 2022

SM Caen. Malherbe still at the time of the crisis

Alexandre Mendy and the people of Caen have not been able to find the solution for several months.

“We’re sick. »True to himself, Stéphane Moulin did not go there by four ways, Saturday, November 20, 2021, after the seventh defeat of Stade Malherbe Caen this season in Ligue 2. Match after match, the Caennais sank a little more still in a crisis which does not bear its name but which has its main ingredient: poor performance. Caen has won just one of its last 11 league games. He has not scored since the individual feat of Mehdi Chahiri against Dunkirk on October 23, 2021.

The Avranches discomfort

In this context, the friendly match against Avranches only accentuates the unease. Is it for its result, a clean and flawless 3-0, or for the attitude of the Caen club which refused to communicate on this meeting? Probably a bit of both. The weed control is heavy with meaning, almost as much as the final score against a team well established in the middle of the National table. “When does it stop?” », Asked the Caen fans, in reference to a title of Orelsan, against Paris FC.

Very smart who can answer it. Caen “simply cannot do it”, as Stéphane Moulin explains. The leeway of the weed control trainer, annoyed, seems more and more restricted. The impression of helplessness and the feeling that Caen’s benefits are a little lower each week worry both. Of course, the ranking reflects the danger. The sixteenth place occupied, just one point in the red zone, is up to the performance unworthy of Stade Malherbe.

Provide leadership

Since the feat achieved in Toulouse two months ago (2-3), and apart from some interesting passages facing Le Havre in mid-October (2-2), the Malherbistes are sorry for their weakness (“we are limited, must be aware of it ”, underlines Stéphane Moulin) and by the lack of exposed character. The probable arrival of Adolphe Teikeu, a central defender known more for his leadership and his physical qualities than for his technical finesse, should fill part of this observation. Caen also took advantage of the truce imposed by his rapid elimination from the Coupe de France to test a defensive midfielder, the Tunisian Ahmed Khalil.

We search in vain for a soul

But beyond the individual cases, which nevertheless take on all their importance in view of the many failures, we look in vain for a soul in this collective. However, he was back on the right track by winning three of his first five games this season. Since then, and even if there are extenuating circumstances around in particular the many injuries, Caen seems to sink inexorably. And Stéphane Moulin’s words are not to reassure. “We have to admit that we haven’t found the right drugs. “

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