July 7, 2022

Scandal in a sports hall, victims of the rue de Bourgogne, the party of Zemmour, Mbappé … The recap ‘of the news of the weekend in the Loiret

If, this weekend, you had much better things to do than stay in front of a screen, to follow the news… No problem! We recap the information you missed this weekend.

miscellaneous facts

The police came to pick him up at his workplace on January 10. The employee of a private gym in downtown Orléans admitted in police custody to having filmed several clients without their knowledge, when they were taking their shower. Five victims have been identified. The 30-year-old, now dismissed from the club by his employer, is summoned to court in May for invasion of privacy.

In Orléans, he hits a tram passenger who asked him to put on his mask


The dislodged were able to recover some belongings.
About fifty victims of the rue de Bourgogne were able to recover their belongings, Saturday at the very beginning of the afternoon. The inhabitants of the buildings which threaten to collapse and those prohibited in the surrounding perimeter had 45 minutes, watch in hand, to recover their belongings. The conditions and supervision of this operation were very strict, for the safety of the inhabitants concerned. The City filed its request for recognition of natural disaster, made available to the victims an agent who can advise them in all their procedures with their insurance.


reconquest, Éric Zemmour’s party already has more than 80,000 members. And about 800 in the Loiret. This Sunday, 300 members and supporters of Reconquête were invited to the Château de Menestreau-en-Villette to a public meeting hosted by Valentin Blelly, departmental coordinator, Jean-Yves Narquin, regional spokesperson and Arlette Fourcade, former FN municipal councilor in Orleans.

The municipal budget of Saint-Jean-le-Blanc was rejected, the mayor put in a minority

Some political indiscretions of the week in Loiret


On Saturday, around 300 people in Orléans and around fifty in Gien demonstrated against the vaccination pass, which comes into force today, Monday January 24. In Orleans, a handful of demonstrators burned, in front of the town hall, their health pass and their mask, described as a “muzzle” by the organizers, a way of symbolically renouncing all “complicity with the government”.

Will there be a postponement of the anticipated bac exams this year?


USO PSG U17 Ethan Mbappe
US Orléans, national U17 version, delivered a full match, this Sunday, January 23, on the synthetic field of La Source, against Paris Saint-Germain, the leader of the championship, who had all the trouble to dominate his dolphin (0-1). The only goal of the match was scored by theone of the nuggets of Paris, midfielder Ethan Mbappé, brother of star Kylian, only 15 years old, who was called at the end of the year in the France U16 team.

Football: the victory of US Orléans dedicated to President Philippe Boutron


The OLB fell with honors this Saturday, January 22 against Monaco, at the Sports Palace (61-74). In addition to a fourth straight defeat, Orleans lost Kyvon Davenport to injury.

Cindy Roudier-Valaud