May 13, 2022

SAINT-FIRMIN: Work on the indoor sports ground will begin in mid-March 2022

The covered sports ground could be delivered in January 2023.

A new “orange” dumpster has been installed on Place de Bouvier. You can put big boxes in there.

It is now a certainty, the covered sports ground project will materialize in 2022. Monday evening during the meeting of the municipal council, Georges Lacour recalled that during the previous meeting, five work packages out of 10 had been declared unsuccessful and that this Monday was to examine the results of the new consultation: “The new offers concerning the five unsuccessful positions arrived on January 7, they were sent to the economist on January 10 and finally, they arrived this Monday morning at the town hall…” made a point of specifying the mayor of the commune.

After the presentation of the new offers, the elected officials voted in favor of the mayor signing the works contracts. Which implies that they should start in the 2nd week of March 2022, after some adjustments with certain companies. The covered sports ground could therefore be delivered at the very beginning of 2023. “If all goes well, knowing that companies are currently encountering supply difficulties…” specified Georges Lacour.
In terms of financing, the total amount of work (10 lots) now amounts to €737,136 (instead of €804,549 previously) for an overall envelope of €840,000 with nearly €400,000 in aid: “We arrives at €320,000 in aid today and we are still hoping for a subsidy of €25,000 from the Department and €35,000 from the French tennis federation…” recalled the mayor who then cited the aid already obtained with the DETR (equipment for rural territories) 2021 of €150,000, the Region for €144,000 and the Department (in 2020) for the sum of €25,000.


2022 DETR Grant Application

The municipality has the possibility of positioning the extension of the micro-nursery to apply for aid within the framework of the DETR 2022. Several offers of work ranging from €28,000 to €62,800 have been received at the town hall for enlarge the existing structure and improve the reception capacity which will increase to 12 children instead of the current 10.
To date, nothing is stopped, the mayor wishes to review the companies. A request for a DETR grant of €40,000 will be requested for this extension, which could materialize at the end of the year or in 2023.
The request for assistance must be made before February 18, 2022.

Maintenance of rural roads

The municipality has submitted a file to the CUCM in order to benefit from the “maintenance of rural roads” competition fund. The CUCM authorized the conclusion of a support fund agreement with the municipality and the payment of the sum of €4,882. It was necessary to deliberate in order to benefit from the payment of the support fund.
The council agreed. The municipality will receive the sum of €4,882 under the “maintenance of rural roads” competition fund.

Points voluntary contributions

After a relative calm, it seems that several incivilities (wild deposits) have been noted at the Saint-Privé collection point. The CUCM is aware of these problems and plans to put up an information panel to raise awareness among the inhabitants of the area. Reminder: the incivilities observed are liable to fines.
Concerning the waste collection point on the Place de Bouvier, Georges Lacour pointed out the presence of a new ORANGE color skip which can accommodate large boxes.


The municipal library located in Bouvier is now open on Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m.

Bulletin municipal

At the end of the meeting, Georges Lacour warmly congratulated Charles-Edouard Véron and the editorial team for the quality of the content of the new municipal bulletin.