May 22, 2022

Revolutionizing the world of sport: MyTVchain 2.0, the marketplace serving clubs and athletes

While the new generation NFT platform MyTVChain is in the process of launching its ICO and seriously taking the turn of the Meta generation, let’s take a closer look at how its NFT marketplace works. Today more than ever, athletes and sports clubs, whether amateur or professional, need to increase their visibility, generate new revenue, keep control of content production but also one foot in the new digital shift. This is why MyTVchain in its 2.0 version offers a turnkey platform to enter the dynamic #Fan2Earn ecosystem.

Warning : This article is brought to you by the company MyTVchain. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and only invest within the limits of your financial capabilities. This article does not constitute an incentive to invest.

Enter the #Fan2earn experience

The sports WebTV platform is changing to 2.0 thanks to the creation of its NFT marketplace. Thus promoting a experience #Fan2earn, which is reminiscent of play-to-earn games that have been widely popularized for several months following Axie Infinity for example, the platform is surfing and validating its concept in the meta generation.

Established in a buoyant ecosystem for blockchain technology and its use cases thanks to a partnership with CNOSF, MyTvchain has claimed since its inception the fact of democratize content production and revenue generation for all clubs and athletes to regain control of their image. In addition to offering an exclusive WebTV service, the French platform now offers an NFT marketplace with collections of collectible and exchangeable cards.

The experience # Fan2Earn So start by buying a pack of NFT cards of your favorite athletes on a latest generation marketplace. And good news, it is possible to pay for your packs in €!

Their mission is to develop a complete sports ecosystem, where all participants engage with the athletes as well as other members of the community. The idea is to allow fans to no longer just watch the athletes behind a screen, but to participate directly in their success thanks to the model of #Fan2earn. An exciting digital experience for fans to earn money by watching their favorite sport.

For this, they have developed a model that goes far beyond “Collect and play” and allows supporting an athlete while being rewarded for it. This is how the concept of # Fan2earn.

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NFTs and play-to-earn are now central to the business of many players today, even more so in sports.

Among the most popular categories, collectible or sports NFTs are the most numerous in the digital asset market today. A real revolution in a historically very selective universe, they open the way to new use cases and endless possibilities in terms of sponsorship, ticketing, fanbase management, revenue generation or fan engagement. The global sports market represented 388 billion dollars in 2020, and is expected to reach 600 billion dollars in 2025.

Collect, play and win with your cards

The #Fan2earn experience starts the moment you open your deck of cards and begin to feel all the excitement of reuniting with your legendary athletes. You can then choose to collect them, or exchange them with other fans to participate in challenges and earn rewards like the $MYTV token or other goodies.

Finally, earn based on the success of your favorite athletes, the heart and soul of the #Fan2Earn model is right here and represents the added value of propelling yourself into the world of NFTs and the Metaverse.

You are no longer a mere spectator, you are also on the field with your favorite athletes. You are no longer content to encourage your favorite athletes, you help them reach new heights of greatness and recognition. Winning while watching and enjoying your favorite sports is the next generation of ways to interact with the sports world.


If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably spent hours admiring your athletes and drooling over collectible cards. MyTVChain gives you the same feeling, but this time in version 3.0 with the packs of collectible NFT cards, except that this time, in addition to having them and being able to exchange them, you directly support your idols by participating in their success and popularity.

The cards you will have in your hands have several interesting characteristics:

  • the frames represent the main rarity level of the card, and are based on the color of the Olympic medals: gold, silver, bronze…
  • the bottom which can be either a color flash or an Olympic city
  • olympic values : excellence, fairplay, respect…
  • award badges corresponding to the list of athletes
  • and other attributes to discover

The MyTVchain marketplace thus offers athletes and clubs customize their NFT collections according to their needs and vision.

These cards include images and graphics, customized by their creators, which can be traded on the primary/secondary markets and even held as assets that increase in value.

At a time when clubs and athletes need more than ever to expand their fanbase and find new pockets of income, the MyTVChain concept sounds obvious.

Enjoy an extraordinary fan experience on the next generation Marketplace

To address all of these issues, MyTVChain has designed a new generation NFT marketplace to address the issues explained above in 360°.

The business model is simple and win-win: sports clubs, athletes and federations can sell their original NFTs on MyTVchain’s platform, providing them with an opportunity for support through original work. 60% of the revenue from the initial sale of each NFT goes to the creator, while 40% goes to MyTVchain.

In addition, the original creator also receives, in the form of “royalties”, 4% of each sale on the NFT Secondary Marketplace. Their slogan leaves you free to embark on this new blue ocean “let your passion shine through your vision, and let us take care of the rest”.

MyTVChain does not stop there, the roadmap is ambitious and the team intends to improve and increase the characteristics of the NFT card collections. More exclusive symbols, autographs (gold/diamond/VFX signatures), rare logos, historical images and much more…


That’s not all, the development of the Marketplace and the economic model of MyTVChain will soon also make it possible to sell original NFTs or as part of limited-edition collectible NFTs about defining moments in the lives and careers of athletes. But also through events, and pre-sales of jerseys, accessories, equipment or even interactive events. Finally, the marketplace will evolve with the Fan2Earn vision which plans to create a single platform where everyone involved in the sport can enjoy this passion while earning rewards. The 2022 roadmap will be decisive in accelerating the project and establishing it in the world of sport.

Be ready, and keep following Cointribune other revelations arrive on the occasion of the ICO of MyTVchain, Go to their Discord and Twitter so as not to miss anything.

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