May 12, 2022

reindeer. Everything Rennes runs changes hands, not minds. Sport

Two years ago, the organizing committee of Tout Rennes court decided to hand over after the 40e editing. That’s done. It is the Coursss association, (organizing committee and union of Rennes sport, health, solidarity) which brings together the ASPTT (athletics section), the Cercle Paul Bert and the Ligue de Bretagne du sport universitaire which takes up the torch.

The event will keep the same name, “as long as it retains the values ​​that are the DNA of Tout Rennes court, free access, the alliance of amateur and high-level sport, the association of schoolchildren and the university world, with a weekend in respect of what we have developed, explains Jacques Honoré, vice-president of the Tout Rennes court association.

The latter does not disappear however. If at the velodrome, it has moved upstairs, leaving its premises to the new association, it will remain available to Tout Rennes court ” if necessary. Otherwise, we are going to lend a hand with the neighborhood races, La Rennaise, the Foulées vertes du Blosne and the Foulées maurepasiennes”.

Frédéric Peter and François Almange, vice-presidents of the new organizing committee, Cyril Patrault, new president, Jacques Honoré, vice-president of Tout Rennes court and Emmanuel Druart, vice-president of the new organizing committee. © West-France

19,000 attendees in 2019

The City promises to maintain financial and logistical support for this event “whose first edition was organized by the City to replace the Rennes strides, recalls Frédéric Bourcier, municipal councilor responsible for sport. The idea was to have a big popular demonstration in the heart of the city. » And free, “which is rare today in France. We are attached to it”. Since then, the success has never wavered with a record attendance of 19,000 people in 2019, before the pandemic.

The City therefore ensures that the work of the new team is secured and that it supports the evolution of running in the long term. “New forms of racing are on the rise, solidarity, fun, night races, urban trail… notes the chosen one. You will have to be careful about it. »

Reinforce the animation on the Esplanade de Gaulle

But no change announced for the next edition which will take place on October 8 and 9, 2022. “We are at work, explains Cyril Patrault, president of the new organizing committee. There will be no major change. We had the first meetings on the routes. Nothing is stopped. We will adapt if necessary to the sanitary conditions. » Contact was made with the 25 usual partners.

The organizers also hope to strengthen their pool of volunteers, in particular with the Cercle Paul-Bert and its 13,000 licensees. They are 500 mobilized over the weekend. “We also hope with the Ligue de Bretagne du sport universitaire to support us with new resources, in terms of energy and skills. » The idea is also to reinforce the animation on the esplanade de Gaulle, “in order to avoid “air pockets” between the arrivals of the different races”.

A book is in preparation, to be released by Editions West France, on the 40-year history of Tout Rennes court, written by journalist Nicolas Mangeard.