July 2, 2022

PSG. Neymar, a year 2021 to forget. Sport

For Neymar, 2021 will end as it started: in the infirmary. For him, this year will clearly be one to forget. Between disappointments with PSG and Brazil, poor form and injuries, Neymar was clearly not at the level we expected. And that starts to do a lot since his arrival in the capital.

Clairvoyant and sparkling in his debut with PSG, the Brazilian has struggled a lot since. Main reason: the frequent injuries he suffered. Since his arrival in Paris, Neymar has not been spared by physical problems: metatarsus, adductors, ischios… Almost everything has happened there, so that the player has missed 38% of Parisian matches since his arrival.

An influence at half mast

And when he is on the meadow, it is an understatement to say that he has lost his influence in the Parisian game. If we take his statistics on the previous exercise and the current one, in Ligue 1 (only 28 matches…), it is not necessarily very glorious.

Neymar statistics in the League in 2020-2021. © DSAS

Another data that shows its difficulties, if we consider that it speaks volumes, its place in the Ballon d’Or 2021: 16th. His worst ranking since 2012. In the game, Neymar also no longer has the backlash as he had previously. The start of the 2021-2022 season was also a long ordeal for him, who was only starting to get back in shape when he was injured in Saint-Étienne.

photo statistics of neymar on the current season. © dsas

Neymar statistics for the current season. © DSAS

Sporting disappointments …

In addition to his performances below what one can expect from such a player, Neymar has experienced big sporting disappointments. With PSG but also with Brazil. Regarding the selection, Neymar will have scored only twice during the Copa America, in the group stage. In the final, lost to Argentina, he was not up to the task either.

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Finally, with the Parisian club, Neymar missed the main meetings, especially during the double confrontation against Manchester City, in the semi-final of the Champions League. Injured for the matches against Barcelona in the round of 16, the Brazilian had given a glimpse of hope against Bayern Munich in the first leg, where he had been good. But it was only a (very short) mirage …