May 24, 2022

Price Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo (2022). The range finally complete

For its Taycan station wagon, Porsche has done things upside down. It was first of all the adventurous version, called Cross Turismo, which was launched in the spring of 2021. To discover the “classic” version, the Sport Turismo, we had to wait almost eight more months. With a range first far from complete, since only the GTS variant had then been unveiled. If you didn’t want raised ground clearance, skid plates or black plastic fender flares, then you had no choice: you also had to sign a check for over €135,000. A lack of diversity that the brand did not however take too long to fill, since four new engines are arriving at the start of 2022.

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From the 408 hp rear-wheel drive to the 761 hp Turbo S

Among the differences with the Cross Turismo, we note that the entry level is content here with rear-wheel drive.
porsche taycan cross turismo
The Taycan Cross Turismo adapts to electric a well-known recipe from the Audi Allroad, Volvo Cross Country or Subaru Outback.

The surprise is not really appropriate. We now find the same offer as on the four-door sedan. With, as an “entry ticket” at nearly €90,000, the only rear-wheel-drive version: the Taycan Sport Turismo station wagon “just short”. If it already has 408 hp as standard with a 79.2 kWh accumulator, it is possible to increase to 476 hp and 93.4 kW with the optional Performance Plus battery… for a “small” supplement of €5,772. Note that these powers are only obtained for a short period of time, via an overboost: constantly, it will be necessary to be satisfied with 326 or 380 hp. A principle applied to all engines.

porsche taycan sport turismo turbo s
There is obviously no visible exhaust outlet on this electric Porsche, even if its advanced variant is called Turbo S like the thermal or hybrid models.
porsche taycan sport turismo trunk
More practical than that of the sedan thanks to its tailgate, the trunk is also more welcoming, with a volume ranging from 446 l, or 405 l in Turbo and Turbo S, to 1,212 l, or 1,171 l on Turbo models. .

The double choice of “batteries” is also adopted on the second echelon, the Taycan 4S Sport Turismo, equipped with all-wheel drive. Except that the cavalry with overboost varies this time from 530 hp with the 79.2 kWh accumulator to 571 hp with the Performance Plus battery, thanks to the use of two electric motors, one for each axle. We then move on to the already mentioned GTS, which necessarily has 93.4 kWh of capacity, four-wheel drive and a maximum of 598 hp. As for the Turbo and Turbo S, they are obviously devoid of any turbocharger, reserved for internal combustion engines. Their only role is to cap the range, with up to 680 hp for the first and up to 761 hp for the second.

Some new equipment

porsche taycan sport turismo toit sunshine control
When equipped with “Sunshine Control”, the panoramic roof consists of nine segments whose opacity can be individually adjusted.

This Sport Turismo also introduces, as an option, new equipment: the panoramic roof with “Sunshine Control”, equipped with nine segments whose opacity can be individually adjusted using a touch control. The “clear”, “intermediate”, “bright” and “opaque” settings can thus be modified with the tip of your finger. The price of this novelty has not yet been communicated, but plan a few thousand euros all the same. It is indeed already necessary to count 1,620 € for a classic panoramic roof with curtain. In another register, Porsche also now offers remote parking assistance. It is then possible to park your Taycan in parallel or in battle even without being present on board. Comfort billed at €2,166. On the other hand, the update carried out last fall to bring various improvements to this first electric Porsche was indeed free: addition of Android Auto, more efficient voice assistant, optimized charging scheduler…

Prix ​​Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo (2022)

In the catalog, the prices of this Taycan Sport Turismo are between €89,324 and €190,894. Its entry-level is thus 960 € more expensive than that of the sedan. On the other hand, it is less expensive by 9,240 € than that of the Taycan Cross Turismo, which only exists in four-wheel drive. With the same engine, the additional cost of the adventurer station wagon amounts to €4,440 compared to the Sport Turismo. But as always with Porsche, dozens of options will allow you to easily increase the bill by €10,000 or €20,000…

Price in euros Battery (kWh) Constant power /

overboost (ch)
Taycan Sport Turismo 79,2 326/408 89 324
Taycan Sport Turismo (Performance Plus battery) 93,4 380/476 95 096
Taycan 4S Sport Turismo 79,2 435/530 110 374
Taycan 4S Sport Turismo

(Performance Plus battery)
93,4 490/571 115 942
Taycan Sport Turismo GTS 93,4 517/598 136 619
Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo 93,4 625/680 157 294
Taycan Sport Turismo Turbo S 93,4 625/761 190 894

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