January 26, 2022

Poitevin stadium: the resistant quarantine

The Stade poitevin weightlifting bodybuilding is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year and intends to display its strengths in the face of growing competition from private sports halls.

Claire Brugier

He hasn’t really changed. For better or for worse. The Stade poitevin weightlifting bodybuilding, founded in 1981 under the name of Club haltérophile poitevin, is 40 years old this year. At his best, he has known “Up to 800 members”, recalls the current president Augustin Bagot. But it was “Before the private rooms”… The association, which offers weight lifting, bodybuilding and group lessons, accused the blow, had to separate from one of its two coaches and restrict its time slots. Today its workforce has dropped to 180 licensees but the club is determined to regain weight. “We reviewed the operation, renewed the equipment a little and did some small jobs”, details Augustin Bagot, underlining the support of Grand Poitiers, less that of associations which use machines and dumbbells without paying their contribution.

In its desire for renewal, the club has also redesigned its opening hours thanks to the hiring, since October, of Alexia Koudou Gris alongside Patrick Ferrandier. The sports coach and prevention psychologist reinforces the sport-health approach. “I try to work more individually with people who have chronic pain, in the back, pelvis, shoulders, analyzing their posture and identifying imbalances in muscle tone, the goal being to reprogram healthy movement. “

Sport for all

“We are fine here, it is suitable”, summarizes Marie-Christine. This regular “For thirty years” praise the atmosphere “Family and friendly” from this room where “We are not in bodybuilding mode”, where links are created. In a few weeks, Alexia Koudou Gris noticed it. “Many members have been coming for a very long time. Here we see profiles of people who do not end up in private gyms. “The price is also different, more accessible to small budgets, especially students. And the club remains faithful to its philosophy of sport for all through its affiliation with the disabled sports federation, its collaborations with Vivonne prison, structures located in priority areas of the city … “Weightlifting is a sport suitable for everyone, notes Augustin Bagot.You can start from 11 years old and, contrary to popular belief, it does not shrink!, he smiles.It is an individual sport that we practice as a team and, as it is a rather small environment, there is a good atmosphere between the clubs. “Weightlifting combines technique, speed, flexibility. Next weekend, four licensees from Stade poitevin will meet in Saint-Jean-d’Angely for the interregional championship. Laura Sibille, Alexandra Pulcina, Benjamin Lenfant and Camille Fromond will be keen to wear the colors of a club that had great hours in the 90s.