July 4, 2022

Paris: the municipality requisitions a Go Sport store to welcome the homeless

While temperatures dropped to – 1 ° C last night in the capital, the Paris municipality announced this Tuesday, December 21 to open a “new space in the 16th” as part of its winter emergency plan. Until the end of March, a former sports store – located at Porte de Saint-Cloud – will house the homeless.

“This new place, made up of a large landscaped platform, includes showers and toilets, as well as a dining area and a space for social and health support”, details the municipality in a press release.

At the same time, Anne Hidalgo’s team announces the mobilization of social workers, responsible for informing, evaluating and directing the people received to services adapted to their situation. They will also make “the link” with the Samu Social to allow reorientation towards long-term accommodation or suitable accommodation after the closure of the winter emergency plan.


“Emergency accommodation may be a state competence, faced with the 3,000 people still on the street in Paris, we have chosen to maintain our emergency plan, in addition to government initiatives”, explained Léa. Filoche, the deputy at the town hall of Paris in charge of solidarity and the fight against exclusion.

As a reminder, during the last Solidarity Night – organized by the municipality on the night of March 25 to 26, 2021 – nearly 2,900 homeless people were counted. Among them, 87% of men and 13% of women, whose average age is 41 years. The vast majority of them are alone (79%). The fifth Night of Solidarity is scheduled for January 20, 2022.

In the evening from Tuesday to Wednesday, Alexandra Cordebard, the mayor of the 10th arrondissement – accompanied by Eric Lejoindre, the mayor of the 18th arrondissement – took part in a marauding in the La Chapelle district. The opportunity for the elected to realize that “a lot of people sleep in the street”. According to her, “a reaction from the State up to the task with the opening of new accommodation” is necessary to meet the needs.

An opinion shared by Léa Filoche, who lets it be known that the municipality “wants new spaces to open up to permanently accommodate these people in a very precarious situation”. And to add: “We proposed to the services of the State to make available more buildings of the City of Paris, so that they seize some and create new structures of lodging. These sites are under study ”.