July 1, 2022

PARIS: The League against cancer and CAMI Sport & Cancer join forces to develop their activity offer

The League against cancer and CAMI Sport & Cancer enter into a partnership with the objective of developing the physical activity offered to people with cancer.

The League against cancer and CAMI Sport Cancer join forces

Most of the 300 League spaces deployed across the country provide free physical activity sessions adapted to cancerology to improve quality of life, better endure the side effects of treatment or even reduce the risk of recurrence. Committed to providing a secure and personalized offer, the Ligue contre le cancer works with professionals who are experts in their field, empowered to take care of cancer patients for quality support. Thus, CAMI Sport & Cancer offers therapeutic physical activity programs in more than 30 hospitals and 80 cities in France.

A partnership to improve the experience of sick people

As pointed out by Jean-Marc Descotes, co-founder and Managing Director of CAMI Sport & Cancer,

“We are very happy to have been able to achieve a partnership of this magnitude with the League against cancer, a major player in the support of sick people. We hope that this initiative will make it possible to offer more widely therapeutic physical activity programs to patients as part of a global pathway of their care. This partnership shows the importance of the place of this type of program carried for more than 20 years by the League against cancer and the CAMI. It is an additional help brought to the patients in their fight against the disease and an important step in a more complete therapeutic proposal. “

“The agreement concluded with CAMI Sport & Cancer, a leading player specializing in therapeutic physical activity in oncology and present throughout the country, contributes to our common objective of optimizing support for people affected by cancer by emphasizing quality and proximity ”, abounds Katia Roguin, National Delegate “Actions for sick people” of the League against cancer.