January 26, 2022


SPORSORA and the B SMART channel are joining forces to launch the SMART SPORT program in partnership, with the ambition of installing a benchmark program in sports economics on a TV channel in powerful thematic and affinity formats.

With this program focusing on the sports economy, sports sponsorship and business investment in sport, SPORSORA strengthens its influence and attractiveness to players in the sector.

See you on February 5 at 5.30 p.m. for the launch of SMART SPORT on B SMART, presented by Pierre Fraidenraich and Richard Dacoury.

Magali Tézenas du Montcel, Managing Director of SPORSORA: “As a benchmark organization for thinking about and influencing the sports economy, we bring together all the players to whom SMART SPORT wishes to give a voice. It is therefore logical that SPORSORA is a partner of the program which will promote, share good practices, show the great wealth of the sports sector and its contribution to our economy. SPORSORA members and all players in the sector who save sport will be welcomed with open arms in this new program. “

With SMART SPORT and SPORSORA, heading for 2024!

Each weekend, SMART SPORT will offer two weekly 28-minute shows, presented by Pierre Fraidenraich, co-founder of B SMART and Richard Dacoury, French basketball legend and media consultant. This program will explore entrepreneurs in the sports sector and its economy. Two years before the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the floor will be given to partners, equipment suppliers, distributors, event organizers, federations, professional clubs, sports venues, start-ups, and sports manufacturers with the regular lighting of SPORSORA and its members. Pierre Fraidenraich, co-founder of B SMART: “ The sport business is absolutely not covered on TV. 0 coverage, 0 issues. And when we talk, for example, of sports sponsorship, it is always the same big brands that have the honors of the press. However, of the approximately 2.5 billion euros invested by companies in France, 80% of sponsorship contracts are concluded by SMEs. SMART SPORT will give a voice to ALL sports decision-makers, we will highlight the creation of economic and environmental value for companies mobilized as never before, on their way to Paris 2024. “

From February 5, SMART SPORT, in partnership with SPORSORA on Saturday at 5.30 p.m. and Sunday at 5.30 p.m. on B SMART

Find B SMART on bsmart.fr and on the Bouygues (n ° 245), Free (n ° 349), Orange (n ° 230) and molotov.tv networks


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