May 14, 2022

Padel, a sport where the “old people” shine | Padel Magazine

While the World Senior Plus Championships (+35, +40, +45, +50 and +55 years) will take place in Las Vegas in mid-October, Padel Magazine looked at the age pyramid of French competitors. and the national and global elite. With a small question in mind: is padel a sport for “old people”?

First of all, let’s take a look at the elite tricolor, so the members of the top 10. For women, the average age of the top ten is 31.9 years. The youngest player in the top 5 is Lea Godallier who, at 26, is half the age of Geraldine Sorel, 52 and 6e French! Fiona Ligi, 22, is in 10th place.

Among men, the top 10 is more homogeneous, with an average age of 32.8 years : the youngest player is Bastien Blanqué, 26, the oldest Simon Boissé, 38. Only two of the top ten are under 30.

Belasteguin and Marrero, deans of the top 10

Head to the top 10 of the World padel tour, where the average age is 30.4 years among the gentlemen and 30.6 years among the ladies. The oldest are Fernando Belasteguin (42) for the men and Marta Marrero (38) for the women. The youngest are Agustin Tapia (22) and Bea Gonzalez (she will be 20 in November).

If we compare with tennis, two “old men” of almost 40 years still stand among the best in the world: Roger Federer is 9th in the ATP and Serena Williams 16e of the WTA. But both save themselves by playing only a few rare tournaments with the mad hope of growing their legend. Unfortunately without much success: Federer’s last Grand Slam title dates back to 2018, that of Williams dates back to 2017. But you should know that a Grand Slam victory implies winning no less than seven matches (best of five sets at gentlemen!) – a very heavy physical test.

On the padel side, however, Fernando Belasteguin is still world No. 3 (he was No. 1 from 2002 to 2018), participates in all tournaments, wins a lot, and seems determined to play for several more years. Marta Marrero is she 9e world: it was at 1is rank in 2020 and nothing says that she will not find it.

Tapia and Belasteguin: the youngest and oldest of the WPT top 10.

The French top 500 infiltrated by the over 40s

But let’s lower the level a little to take an interest in the 13,000 French rankings and in particular the 500 best players in this ranking. For men, 162 of the top 500 are over 40, or almost one in three players (32,4%). The best forty-something is the Alsatian of origin Jean-Michel Pequery, 13e tricolor at 43!

Fifty-year-olds are less numerous, but there are still 39 in the top 500, i.e. 7,8% of this group. And the two best ranked are respectively 92e and 93e French at the ages of 50 and… 57! Hats off to these gentlemen, who will recognize themselves …

Finally, at 61, a player from the Occitanie league points to 443e place: it is the only sexagenarian of the top 500 for men!

233 of the top 500 French women are 40 and over

In the ladies, on the other hand, there are no less than five players over 60 in the 500. The best of them is ranked 110.e and plays in New Aquitaine.

Still among the top 500 French people, the over 50s number 77, or nearly one in six players. The brightest of them, as we have said, is nothing less than 10e French at 52! More globally, 46,6% of the top 500 are over 40, or 233 players.

The women’s padel, based more on precision and endurance than on explosive power, thus makes it possible to shine until ages which command respect. Moreover, the two oldest women in the top 500 are 67 and 68 years old!

The youngest are almost absent

The observation also applies to men’s padel, where experience, the science of placement and the good management of the key moments of a match compensate for a power and a speed of movement which decrease over the years. The fact that this sport is played in doubles, on a ground three times smaller than a tennis court, is obviously not foreign to this longevity.

And the fact that nearly 40% of the top 500 padel players are over 40 years old is perhaps not unrelated to tennis, many of whose followers are diversifying or retraining in the practice of padel, less traumatic and more fun.

We can therefore confirm that padel is a sport that allows the “old” to shine for a long time!

The flip side of this coin is an unbalanced age pyramid, where the youngest are almost absent from the French rankings. Indeed, we only count 7 boys and 6 girls under 18 in the top 500. This shows the way for a significant development potential for young French players, the day when tournaments and interclubs will be reserved for them.

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