July 1, 2022

Our typical Ligue 2 team at mid-season. Sport

Ligue 2 promises to be very uncertain once again. At the end of the first leg, six teams stand in a pocket square. Like every start of the season, some players have particularly shone. The opportunity to build a typical Ligue 2 team in mid-season. This is organized in 4-3-1-2 with a youth in power.

The typical Ligue 2 team at mid-season. © DSAS infographic

Benjamin Leroy (32 years old – goalkeeper, AC Ajaccio)

At 32, the Corsican goalkeeper has made an excellent start to the season. Well helped by his very solid rearguard, the native of Cucq (Hauts-de-France) conceded only seven goals and made eleven clean sheets. But aside from his stats, Benjamin Leroy is a charismatic leader, able to keep his team afloat when the ship rocks. His match against Le Havre recently is a perfect illustration of this. A real wall.

Mikkel Desler (24 – right-back, Toulouse FC)

The Danish right-back discovers the games of Ligue 2 this season and is not shy. From the top of his 24 years, he does a colossal job on his right wing and knows how to be enterprising in both surfaces (a goal against Dunkirk, 103 duels won). His versatility is an asset for his trainer Philippe Montanier, who does not hesitate to align him with the position of right midfielder (four tenures in this position). He only asks to confirm. But, if he continues like this, his future looks bright.

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Ismaïl Aaneba (22 years old – central defender, FC Sochaux)

For him, too, the future looks wonderful. Ismaël Aaneba is only 22 years old but exudes enormous confidence in each of his decisions. The French (1m86) won 61 balls in his own defense and has continued to relieve his own.

True boss of the Doubiste defense in a championship that he discovered, the native of Mantes-la-Jolie will make Strasbourg regret having let him go free. To be confirmed when the stakes at the end of the season approach.

photo ismaïl aaneba, here on the left in the duel with the caennais jonathan rivierez. © joël le gall / west-france

Ismaïl Aaneba, here on the left in the duel with the Caennais Jonathan Rivierez. © Joël Le Gall / Ouest-France

Oumar Gonzalez (23 – central defender, AC Ajaccio)

The rough Cameroonian defender, recruited last summer by Ajaccio in Chambly, is one of the sure values ​​of the division. Solid, he guides the best defense in Ligue 2 alongside veteran Cédric Avinel (35). He also distinguished himself offensively by scoring three goals at the start of the season. Very rough and sometimes cunning, Oumar Gonzalez is one of those divisive players. It is not the Stade Malherbe Caen who will say the opposite: in August, the defender had unsettled Alexandre Mendy, who had been expelled.

photo of oumar gonzalez (right) wearing the chambly jersey last year. © Philippe Renault / Ouest-France

Oumar Gonzalez (right) in Chambly jersey last year. © Philippe Renault / Ouest-France

Ismaël Diallo (24 years old – left back, AC Ajaccio)

The Corsican left-back is asserting himself within the best defense in Ligue 2. In this position, he is asserting himself as the best in the division in this phase. The 24-year-old Ivorian is already living his fourth season in the antechamber of Ligue 1. Despite his young age, he brings his certain experience and knows how to be decisive (73 duels won). He delivered two assists in closed matches (1-0 victory against Dunkirk and Le Havre).

Evolving in low boc, the Corsicans regularly proceed against. In this little game, Ismaël Diallo makes his speed speak but still has to improve his quality of center to be really efficient.

Gauthier Hein (25 years old – right midfielder, AJ Auxerre)

Its name means something to you. He has made the headlines in recent weeks as a nominated for the Puskas Prize, rewarding the most beautiful goal of the year 2021. But his talent does not stop there. The former Valenciennois (25 years old) is a real poison for the opposing defenses. Capable of dribbling more insane than each other, he makes the opposing defenses dizzy.

Unlike in previous years, he knows how to be more decisive with two goals and five assists on the clock. He has taken a step forward under the orders of Jean-Marc Furlan and could well explode everything in the second part of the season.

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Moustapha Namé (26 years old – defensive midfielder, Paris FC)

It is the revelation of this start to the season in Ligue 2 as a defensive midfielder. Moustapha Namé is the base man of Thierry Laurey, arrived on the bench of the club in the capital this summer. The Senegalese is quite simply in the middle of a storm. A sense of the game and a certain quality of strike (three goals, three assists). He takes responsibility when necessary.

Solid on the man (88 duels won, 47 balls won in defense), he is the control tower of Paris FC. A treat to see play.

Branco Van den Boomen (26 – attacking midfielder, Toulouse FC)

One hand instead of the foot. This is how one could describe Branco Van den Boomen, the Toulouse midfielder. Mid-season, he has already offered eleven assists to his teammates, including seven on set pieces. A total inflated, of course, by a hat-trick of assists achieved in Nancy on the second day. Also author of four goals (three penalties, one free kick), he allows Toulouse to benefit from a real weapon with his right foot.

Youssouf M’Changama (31 years old – attacking midfielder, EA Guingamp)

The best season of his career. With the captain’s armband around his arm, the Comorian is on the basis of a record season for a forward player, with already nine assists in Ligue 2, for four goals scored including some jewels. Apart from the statistical aspect, he shines with his sense of the collective, an exacerbated altruism and a “chest” which does not seem to have a background. The only downside for Ligue 2 and En Avant Guingamp, Youssouf M’Changama will play in the Africa Cup of Nations in January. The opportunity for him to shine a little more.

comparative photo of statistics between youssouf m'changama and branco van den boomen. © infographic dsas

Comparison of statistics between Youssouf M’Changama and Branco Van den Boomen. © DSAS infographic

Gaëtan Charbonnier (32 years old – striker, AJ Auxerre)

He is the striker that many clubs dream of. Former Brestois Gaëtan Charbonnier is the delight of AJ Auxerre this season. When he’s in good physical shape, watching him play is a real treat. His technical palette is invaluable to the icaunais game. Just like his sense of goal making him the second best scorer in the division (11 goals, 2 assists).

As a real hub of the icaunaise offensive animation, it does a lot of good to this training which lost Mickaël Le Bihan, its top scorer last year, who left for Dijon during the summer transfer window.

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The first part of the 30-year-old’s season was still very choppy with highs (tripled against Niort) but also poor performances, unworthy of the level to which he had accustomed the purists (only 27% of duels won). Blame it on the lack of his lack of rhythm last year in Ligue 1. He should pick up speed during the second part of the season. Enough to make the heyday of the club dear to Guy Roux.

Rhys Healey (27 – forward, Toulouse FC)

Rhys Healey largely dominates the ranking of Ligue 2 scorers. The Welshman had already shown all his qualities last season but he should, most certainly, exceed his total for the 2020-2021 fiscal year (15 goals). He is already at 13 and, like his quadruplet against Sochaux, seems capable of scoring in any position. Comfortable from afar, as a pivot, as a fox and even with a head, Healey will be one of the Violets’ assets in the race for Ligue 1.

photo comparison of statistics between the two top scorers in league 2. © infographic dsas

Comparison of statistics between the two top scorers in Ligue 2. © Infographie DSAS

The substitutes’ bench:

Yahia Fofana (Le Havre AC), Jubal Jr (AJ Auxerre), Pierre Gibaud (Le Havre AC), Yassine Benrahou (Nîmes Olympique Club), Gaëtan Weissbeck (FC Sochaux), Johann Lepenant (SM Caen), Alexandre Mendy (SM Caen) ).