January 25, 2022

Olympics 2024: the great hope of the French triathlon Cassandre Beaugrand surrounds himself with the ex-lawyer of Laure Manaudou

A reinforcement of weight to lead his career in the making. A great hope for the French triathlon, Cassandre Beaugrand has chosen to surround himself with the services of Didier Poulmaire, a lawyer specializing in supporting high-level athletes. It is he who brooded the ex-swimmer Laure Manaudou, during her Olympic title in 2004, or the ex-tenniswoman Amélie Mauresmo.

Bronze medalist in the mixed relay with the French triathlon team at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, Cassandre Beaugrand is getting ready for battle in view of the Paris 2024 Olympic deadline. The agreement reached on Monday, December 13 in margin of the French Swimming Championships entrusts the Poulmaire company with the exclusive management of all the extra-sporting aspects of his career. This collaboration includes the negotiation and execution of its partnership contracts, but also the management of its image.

“I will be able to concentrate on my training”

Cassandre Beaugrand is one of the nuggets of the French triathlon team. At 24 years old, the native of Livry-Gargan (Seine-Saint-Denis) who has been defending the colors of Poissy (Yvelines) since 2014 has always burnt the stages. Two-time French cross-country champion in the youth categories, Beaugrand became vice-champion of the triathlon hopeful world in 2018.

Paris (16th century) August 2, 2021. When the Olympic medalists returned to Tokyo, the mixed triathlon team (Léonie Périault, Dorian Coninx, Cassandre Beaugrand and Vincent Luis) took to the Trocadero stage.

With the Blues, she has three world mixed relay titles (2018, 2019 and 2020) and was the third torchbearer when France won the Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo last August.

“Two young women who give a formidable image of their sport”

“I am happy to be able to surround myself with a team of specialists recognized in the world of sport for their legal expertise and image management, relishes the athlete supported by Adidas and the FDJ. Triathlon is a very demanding sport which leaves little time to deal with all the extra-sporting aspects which have today become very varied. I will be able to concentrate on my training and preparation for my competitions with ambitious goals. “

“Cassandre reminds me of Laure in some ways even if they are different,” explains Didier Poulmaire, 53, also an amateur triathlete licensed at the Stade Français. They are two passionate, competitive and determined young women who give a formidable image of their sport. We are very proud to be able to support Cassandre. Our team will mobilize to structure and optimize all the extra-sporting aspects of the life of this talented triathlete. The challenge is also to offer her all the serenity she needs to flourish and perform in a very addictive and booming sport. “