July 1, 2022

Music from the Intersport 2022 ad ”Engaged in sport”

To celebrate a commitment to sport that dates back almost 100 years, Intersport returns to our screens with a new advertisement. The chosen music is a soundtrack by the group D*time entitled “Inner Dome”.

The 2022 Intersport “Committed to sport” advertising campaign

Intersport, a sports brand, but also a cooperative wanted to pay tribute to all its players. Customers, but also employees play an essential role in the brand’s commitment to a society more inclined to the practice of sport. Intersport thus appealed to theagence Marystone to promote the spirit of sport and develop it at all levels. Because through sport, we manage to create links and bring people together.

The advertising movie Intersport “Committed to sport” begins with images of several people preparing for their sports activity. We thus discover a man, up at dawn to prepare a smoothie while stretching. He is then joined by his companion and they share the preparation, each in their own bottle.

The ad takes us on a discovery of the Intersport teams through two of its sites in France. Intersport Montaigu (85) and Machecoul (44). We also discover the atmosphere within a sports association, that of Entente des Mauges (49). Finally, we follow one of its directors during his nocturnal jog. The brand reiterates its commitment to sport at the end of the spot, stating that it is the latter who did it.

What is the music of the Intersport 2022 ad

The music that we hear throughout the Intersport ad “Engaged for sport” is taken from a song by the Dutch group D*time and which is called « Inner Dome ». The title is taken from the album of the same name released in 2021. The song can be found on Deezer.