May 24, 2022

Motorsport: towards a normal season in Corsica?

THEn hope that 2022 will give us some respite and that we can finally get back to a normal season. » At the time of vows, those of Daniel Baldassari want to be optimistic even if the last few months have been difficult for the scar port Corsica. The president thus recalls that five events were canceled last year due to difficulties or bans linked to the health situation. This has not failed to weaken a little more automobile sports associations (ASA) financially dependent on the rallies they organize.

Loss of 400 licensees

Suaredda, Portivechju, the Historic Mathieu Martinetti but also the Prunelli, the Costa Serena not to mention the first drift event in Corsica, originally scheduled for April, are all events that took place in 2021.

Consequently, there are also hundreds of competitors who could not run and therefore did not take out a licence. “The loss is nearly 400 licensees for the Corsican league in 2021, compared to 2019. It’s huge for a small league like ours” explains Daniel Baldassari who specifies that some clubs have been more impacted than others. This is not really the case for Asa Corsica which, alone, concentrates more than half of the 1111 licensees in the league.

Two new rallies

Despite the difficulties, the Corsican league and its five sports associations offer an attractive and busy calendar for 2022.

Perhaps even too much, some will say, faced with the proliferation of events that pilots are finding it increasingly difficult to follow. “We have chosen to maintain this calendar provided that this crisis stops and that it allows us to organize rallies normally. Because it’s getting more and more difficult and it takes a lot of willpower, like Asa Corsica or Asa Bastiaise last year, to get to the end…”

So what’s new for 2022? Two new rallies first. The first, in the regional, will open the season at the beginning of February in Fium’orbu and will replace that of Portivechju.

The second, in Castagniccia from Folelli, will take the place of Nebbiu in October, abandoned due to difficulties on the route and will take advantage to move to the National. This means more mileage.

“There will also be this first drift event near Bocognano in the spring” underlines Daniel Baldassari without forgetting to highlight the “Objectif rallye” operation set up with a private structure. “It’s a great challenge that will motivate our young people to get a steering wheel. Moreover, there are already 130 committed! »

As a reminder, this selection, for which registration is open until January 20 to under-27s, will allow the winner to take part in three national rallies at the wheel of a Clio RC5. The first detection is thus planned for February in Corte.

In the meantime, the Corsican league will reward its champions. The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 29 January at 2.30 pm at the Charles Rocchi Cultural Center in Biguglia.