July 4, 2022

MARSEILLE: Harmonie Lab ‘Entreprises, relationship between HR and high-level sport

Since 2017, the Harmonie Lab ‘Entreprises d’Harmonie Mutuelle have given the floor to leaders and other economic players in the regions on various themes but always related to the business world.

Harmonie Lab'Entreprises, relationship between HR and high-level sport in Marseille, November 26

On November 26 in Marseille, this meeting will focus on the relationship between HR and high-level sport, with the participation of Stéphane Diagana and Emmanuelle Germani who will provide a cross-perspective between sport and the business world.

With the participation of the French athlete Stéphane Diagana, Harmonie Mutuelle ambassador, and Emmanuelle Germani, president of the national association of HRDs (ANDRH)
Friday, November 26, 2021, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
at the CCI of Aix Marseille Provence – 9, la canebière – cs 21856, 13221 Marseille
Free online registration at the following link


For this fifth Grand-Sud edition, the focus is on human resources directors. This time for discussion will aim to share on the theme “HR and high level sport: guiding the team through membership”.
A theme that will be treated from a generic angle, then highlighted from the angle of the current health crisis to finish on the solutions that it is possible to put in place to alleviate the consequences of this crisis on membership.

To animate this exchange and bring crossed perspectives between sport and the business world, two speakers will be present:

Stéphane Diagana, high-level French athlete and Harmonie Mutuelle ambassador since April 2021, will highlight aspects related to sports practice, but above all will discuss his own experiences on this membership theme. Emmanuelle Germani, President of ANDRH Provence and DRH-DSI of Kaporal, will bring her HRD perspective but also her observations through ANDRH and feedback.

Aimed at decision-makers and economic players in the region, this conference is accessible by registration at the following link https://bit.ly/3aTYhXM and subject to the health pass and wearing a compulsory mask.


To meet the new challenges of social protection, Harmonie Mutuelle affirms that only the power of the collective can provide effective responses, in particular to fight against social and territorial fractures.

Harmonie Mutuelle, founding member of Groupe VYV, offers and invents solidarity solutions that give everyone the means to be an actor in their health and in society. A society that Harmonie Mutuelle wants to be more inclusive, fairer and more united.
A major player in mutualism in France, Harmonie Mutuelle works alongside more than 65,000 companies and entrepreneurs who want to act in the collective interest and supports them in the protection and development of their human capital. Our insurance offers (in health, provident insurance, retirement savings, etc.) are amplified by the creation of social ties and putting in touch with peers, experts and partners.
A long-term player in social and ecological transformations, Harmonie Mutuelle protects 5 million people and endeavors to manage a system of financial redistribution (in the form of health benefits and investments fueling the real economy in particular) and to achieve investments (seed funds, development capital funds) to set up digital and technological health solutions.
The commitment of our 2,200 elected representatives, the involvement of our 4,978 employees, the relevance of our model and the power of Groupe VYV are all strengths on which we rely on a daily basis at the heart of the territories and local networks, alongside health professionals and economic and social partners.

Mutual Harmony, Collective advancement