January 23, 2022

Major Gerald: the YouTube star legionnaire who reveals his secrets

In addition to his famous videos on Youtube, Major Gérald has released a book in which he gives his advice for excellent physical preparation. Meeting with an extraordinary character and athlete.

“Hello everyone, it’s Major Gérald, the sports officer of the 1st foreign regiment in Aubagne.” This introductory sentence has been heard for more than two years with each video posted by the Foreign Legion on its Youtube channel. The seasoned soldier and high level athlete provides his advice through tutorials.

But then how does a soldier decide to embark on this adventure? “At the beginning, I was not very hot, I said to myself that we were going to be drowned in the mass, but the adjutant Airat – who had the idea and relaunched the chain of the Legion -, succeeded to convince me. ” Success is quickly there. In a few months, the channel grew from nearly 20,000 subscribers to more than 170,000 and propelled the major as a real star.

His videos sparked engagement

These exercises and tips are viewed many times. And even more during confinement where many were in need of sport. “The first video on rope climbing dates back to September 2019. It was immediately a hit,” recalls Major Gerald, who was quickly requested by professional YouTubers in fitness or combat sports. This is how he shot an episode for the Karate Bushido channel, hosted by Greg MMA.

Still, the great satisfaction lies in the fact that the videos of Major Gerald allowed the Foreign Legion to make several people want to join the ranks. “The videos generated engagement. Eight candidates out of ten assure that it is through the videos that they got to know the Foreign Legion, ”says one who has practiced many combat sports (boxing, judo, full-contact or even sambo).

A phenomenon which therefore goes beyond the Internet. This prompted him to accept the idea of ​​Solar editions to make a book out of it. “Initially, they wanted to start from a biography but I was not really tempted, says the fiftieth, who celebrated his majority in Chad during his first operation abroad. I told them about my training notebooks where I note all my programs, my progress, my feelings for twenty years. It interested them. “

A book which is intended for the confirmed but also for the beginners. From level 1, more accessible, to level 3, for competitors in combat sports … “Everyone is concerned and can find something to scratch in this book”, underlines the man with the impressive CV. Parachutist, combat diver, Major Gerald has been in the sport all his life but had to stop boxing because of a cataract caused by a fracture of the orbital floor.

This did not prevent him from selflessly pursuing sports practice. And for two years now, to share and make others want to get started. An essential fight that he wins hands down.

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