May 22, 2022

Made in France in the spotlight in sport

There are many initiatives aimed at promoting the know-how and innovations of French companies in the sports industry. This is for example the Trade fair for mountain sports in 2018, of the operation ” French Creative Collective“organized by the FFF on the sidelines of Euro 2020 or even the ” Great exhibition of made in Franceat the Élysée Palace in 2021. A brief overview of some brands that promote the made in France in sport.

Made in France in the spotlight in sport: Ranna, the specialist in non-slip socks.

Is it possible for a start-up to exist in the cannibalized arena of sports equipment? The answer is invariably yes. This is the feat that some fifteen young French brands are currently achieving. Among these is Ranna, a company that today overshadows the behemoths of the sector, with an ever-increasing market share. Ranna is a French label specializing in the design and marketing of non-slip socks for sports. It stands out for its ability to innovate, design and manufacture quality products at the service of sports performance.

As proof, the revolutionary football socks R-One Grip 2.0 offer better responsiveness to changes in support, more stability, better right foot/left foot ergonomics, better moisture management, better durability. They also limit friction and minimize the risk of blisters, etc. In other words, the Rama anti-slip socks offer more speed, performance and comfort. Among the users of these socks are world champions Steve MANDANDA, Moussa SISSOKO and Olivier GIROUD.

Made in France in the spotlight in sport: VEETS, the running shoe specialist

The era during which the “made in France” or “made in France” stamp was systematically hidden behind the made in Taiwan label is gradually disappearing. It is now possible to find sneakers entirely made by French craftsmen, in workshops located in France. The list of brands that advocate made in France sneakers is available in the latest press kit from the French Footwear Federation . There are companies such as VEETS, CARRUS or even the SPORTY COCK. They are distinguished by eco-responsible products.

VEETS is one of the leading brands ofrunning shoe made in France. It stands out for the originality, technicality and comfort of the sole. Indeed, this spontaneously favors a more comfortable, more natural, more dynamic and less constraining running posture. Forward rocker incites a midfoot pose , what limits the trauma caused by impacts on the ground and reduces the risk of joint injuries .

CARRUS useslinen of European origin as raw material. Thus, the trainers produced consume less than 89% water compared to the production of a lambda trainer. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

Made in France in the spotlight in sport: HERMINE RUNNING, the specialist in high-end sports clothing.

Hermineaims to shake up the existing one. It systematically associatesstyle, performance and durabilityin each of his creations. To do this, it only collaborates with designers specializing in high-end sportswear. Production is done exclusively with renowned local workshops, renowned for their expertise in the luxury industry. The fabrics have exceptional thermo-regulating properties.

The made in France wheel is on. The sports industry is not spared from innovations. This dynamic is enhanced by initiatives on a national scale, driven by innovative and eco-responsible companies such as Ranna and many others.