January 29, 2022

Losing weight: this is the sport that Harvard should practice every day, to shed the pounds and display an athletic silhouette

Of all the sports, if there was just one to remember to shed the pounds, this would be this one!

It’s hard to lose weight just twiddling your thumbs. If there are small techniques to eliminate by doing as little as possible, when you want to see drastic and immediate results you must also give yourself the means. And to do this in addition to a balanced diet, the practice of a sport is more than recommended. Play sports, yes, but which one? If we are to believe a study conducted by Harvard researchers, the number 1 activity to practice to see the pounds fly off would be … swimming!

On the same subject

In any case, it is the discipline that would allow us to always stay in good health but also to contribute to the proper development of the human body, regardless of our age. “Swimming makes the heart and lungs work. It is an exercise that trains the heart to use oxygen more efficiently, which generally results in a decrease in the resting heart rate and in the respiratory rate.” specify the researchers behind this research.

How often should you swim to lose weight?

Doing a few lengths in the pool should therefore become a daily habit, if you want to carve out an athletic body in record time. Especially since swimming does not only have slimming benefits. This sport also participates in fight anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, tone the body and increase well-being and energy. So many good points that do not fail to convince us! So, it’s decided in 2022 we register for the swimming pool!

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