July 4, 2022

LinkedIn, a social network with under-exploited potential?

Over the years, LinkedIn has established itself as the benchmark social network in the B2B world. However, so far, few French professional clubs have developed an editorial strategy dedicated to this communication channel. But the situation is starting to change …

“Today, the clubs have understood the importance of developing content for mainstream social networks like Facebook or Instagram in order to make their communities interact. However, most of them are less aware of the potential of a platform like LinkedIn. The clubs do not master the codes of this communication channel and they therefore rely little on it. It’s a shame because they are missing out on real business opportunities! The tone is set by Adrien Jannel, Founder of Adjan, a group specializing in the commercial and economic development of sports organizations.

Formerly considered a niche social network, LinkedIn now has more than… 23 million members in France, including 11.5 million monthly active users according to the latest studies! And its main asset does not lie in the volume of its traffic but rather in the quality of the professional information listed on each of the profiles present on the platform. Position held, employer (s), past professional experiences, diplomas obtained, skills acquired… LinkedIn is now the professional showcase of more than 800 million members around the world. Data that represents a real gold mine to meet commercial and human resources challenges for companies.

“We are increasingly asking for indicators on the community brought together by the Toulouse Football Club »

Florian Gravereau – Communication, Sponsorship & Event Manager – Newrest

Without always being aware of it, professional clubs have a treasure trove of data by gathering several thousand subscribers on their LinkedIn page. Data that whets the appetite of their partners, including those working in the B2B world. Advertisers who are now inclined to participate in the content strategy of sponsored clubs on this social media. “We are increasingly asking for indicators on the community brought together by the Toulouse Football Club on their LinkedIn page. We would like more details on demographic criteria, the best represented business sectors or even hierarchical levels to best define publications. It is important to know who you are talking to in order to adapt the message as well as possible, ”explains Florian Gravereau, Communication, Sponsorship & Event Manager at Newrest, a long-standing partner of TFC.

“There are a lot of bridges between the world of sport and that of business. LinkedIn has become the ideal tool to link the two worlds. On this social network, the clubs federate high-quality communities with decision-makers who can represent future sponsors, shareholders or clients for their own advertisers. Clubs no longer have the right to neglect a tool like LinkedIn in their search for new partners or the marketing of hospitality spaces ”confirms Adrien Jannel.

Towards a general rise in power on LinkedIn?

Even if LinkedIn has long been the forgotten platform of Social Media strategies carried out in sport; several French professional clubs have nevertheless gained momentum on this communication channel lately. Successive confinements due to the health crisis or a redefinition of partnership strategies have fostered an increase in ambitions on LinkedIn, leading to the establishment of a content policy dedicated to this social media.

“We have implemented a content strategy in line with business news from FC Metz. While supplementing it with CSR actions worn by the club “

Julie Decker – Communication Director – FC Metz

“The renovation of the south stand of the Saint-Symphorien stadium is a major project in the development of FC Metz. When we started to communicate on the progress of the work on our LinkedIn page, by posting a few pictures, we immediately registered significant audiences. We then understood the interest of animating such a communication channel and this encouraged us to define an editorial strategy specific to this platform. We quickly decided not to relay raw sports results because this is not the type of information sought on LinkedIn. We have implemented a content strategy linked to business news from FC Metz. While supplementing it with the CSR actions carried out by the club ”explains Julie Decker, Communication Director of the Football Club of Metz.

The Lorraine club notably gained momentum during the long period of closed doors that French professional sport had to face between March 2020 and May 2021. To compensate for the lack of services on match day and continue to animate its network of partners , FC Metz has imagined many activations on its LinkedIn page, including the publication of photos of a partner at home during each of the L1 des Grenats matches. Some events have also been perpetuated, such as interviews with sponsors published on the official website of FC Metz and sparking many interactions on the club’s LinkedIn page.

And FC Metz does not intend to stop there. In this first part of the 2021-22 season, the Garnet club has implemented major new projects with a view to developing the visibility of its main partners on the social network LinkedIn. The club thus shot and then uploaded a video for each of its partners present on their official attire in order to present their activities and services. A clever animation that promotes new business opportunities for the club’s major partners.

Understanding the interest of bringing their sports partnerships to life on LinkedIn, some advertisers are driving the idea of ​​participating in the content strategy of sponsored clubs in order to meet new challenges of collecting leads or even raising the profile of the employer brand. . This is particularly the case with Newrest, which wants to rely more on LinkedIn from 2022 to bring its partnership with Toulouse FC to life.

“We are currently working on business content allowing us to highlight our catering activities in Occitania. This content will be published on the TFC’s LinkedIn page and will also be relayed by Newrest employees based in Occitania and those of the club. In addition, we are also working with the TFC on content related to our recruitment issues. Many sectors are currently affected by difficulties in this area, including catering in particular. Beyond looking for commercial leads, we want to rely on the TFC community to meet our objectives of recruiting and promoting our employer brand, ”explains Florian Gravereau.