January 23, 2022

Library, gym, promenade, TV subscription: the good life of Claude Guéant in prison!

Prison or Heaven on Earth? Who knows! In any case, one thing is certain: in France, it is better to be part of the very small circle of the political elite because, in this way, you benefit from preferential treatment to which you would never have been entitled as an ordinary citizen. If you do not believe it, ask Claude Guéant, former Minister of the Interior, who was imprisoned this Monday in Paris for embezzlement of public funds.

Indeed, this December 14, it is the media Europe 1 who looked into the conditions of detention of the former first cop in France during Sarkozy’s time. And there, the revelations made by the media may not please a good number of citizens who have not ceased, in recent years, to vigorously denounce the immense privileges enjoyed by those they call “the scum”. from the top”.

What’s going on with Guéant? Will the ex-minister be treated like an ordinary citizen in prison? Well no. In jail, he will continue to benefit from the privileges granted to him by his status as a leading political figure. In prison, Guéant will live like a prince, very far from the detainees of the lower classes.

Thus, informs the source, Claude Guéant has integrated the VIP area, part of the prison completely sealed from the rest of the prison population. A place reserved for public figures. Guéant will occupy a 9 square meter cell equipped with a bed, toilet, shower and small kitchen. And it’s not over!

“Claude Guéant can benefit from a television subscription. He can telephone, only to certain numbers that he has pre-registered. His line is also bugged. He also has the right to go to the library, to the gym and to go out for a walk, but only with the detainees who are on his floor, ”notes the source.