May 22, 2022

Launch of a new e-sport trophy for the EDHEC Cruise Race

The health crisis has spared no event…the EDHEC Cruise Race paid the price with two canceled editions and a 100% online competition. From this forced absence is born is a new trophy dedicated to e-sport. With its establishment, the association hopes ” attract new participants and give a new identity to the event. says Alexandre Riveline, head of information systems and networks at the Course Croisière EDHEC association and second-year student at EDHEC Business School.

An association committed to the fight against cyberbullying

According to a study carried out by Opinion Way in 20919, 63% of 20-24 year olds are victims of cyberviolence. Among these victims, 1/3 of them never talk about it. Faced with this alarming observation, the members of the association have decided to act on their own scale.

Before launching this new trophy, the members of the Course Croisière EDHEC association all took part in training on the cyber harassment and the cyber violence. This was followed by the signing of a charter which commits members to adopting good practices in online communication spaces, in particular social networks. But that’s not all…the association also received the label Protect Zone, issued by the NGO called Respect Zone. ” Beyond the labeling, it allows the general public to know the ways of reacting, the telephone numbers to contact but also later, to form other associations, perhaps, in the long term to label the entirety EDHEC Business School associations. confides Alexandre Riveline.

A new tournament for student gamers

In recent years, gaming has been recognized as a sport in its own right and has appeared in business and engineering schools. Faced with this observation, the association created a esports trophy, which will be implemented this year. This tournament will last 4 days and will take place from April 6 to 9, 2022 (in parallel with the Earth, Sea and Sand trophies) “ This e-sport trophy is open to students of all levels. No need to be a pro gamer ” assures us Alexandre Riveline. 120 participants, made up of 24 teams of 5 players are expected to participate in a lan on League of Legends. Members of gaming associations from schools all over France will be able to compete to try to win the 3000 euros in prizes at stake. A questionnaire will be sent upstream to future participants in order to determine the games and equipment to bring.

How to register ?

Registrations for the e-sport trophy are not open yet…just a little patience! In contrast, you can already pre-register for the land, sea and sand trophies on the association’s website. To participate in one of the trophies, it’s simple, you must provide the following documents:

- A medical certificate mentioning “sport in competition”

- A professional CV

Good to know: if you wish to participate in the Sea Trophy, you will need to add an FFV license, a student card and information on the boat to this list.

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