January 26, 2022

LA MINUTE SPORT Sports news for this Friday, November 26

Cyril Roure, Dimitri Pialat and Joël Mercier will meet Rani Assaf next Thursday (Photo Boris Boutet)

Like every day, from Monday to Friday, discover the essentials of the Gard sport news in a few infos.

Olympic Nimes

A new meeting on Thursday. After the town hall meeting between Rani Assaf and Jean-Paul Fournier which took place yesterday, a new meeting was set with the groups of supporters. At the request of the latter, the meeting, initially scheduled for Tuesday morning, was postponed to Thursday 6 p.m. On this occasion, Gladiators, Nemausus and the Central Club should develop demands that go well beyond the pricing policy and relations with the NO management. The future of Nîmes training and overall sports policy are among the grievances brought forward by the supporters who do not intend to see the debate be summed up in the equation: “stop the smoke = cheaper places”.

Five absent, Aribi back. Compared to the success obtained against Quevilly-Rouen (2-1), Pascal Plancque makes few changes concerning the group selected to face Aubagne (N2), tomorrow at 4 p.m. for the 8the round of the Coupe de France. The return of suspension of Théo Sainte-Luce leads to the exit of Pierre Zaidan. The Crocs are still five players less. Embarrassed by wrist problems, goalkeeper Amjhad Nazih is unavailable for a few more weeks and Anthony Briançon continues his rehabilitation on the side of Clairefontaine. After resuming individual training, Pablo Martinez could return to group sessions next week as Moussa Koné, who continues his re-athletic phase after his thigh injury. Zinedine Ferhat is also forfeited for this meeting because he is ill. This morning, Per Kristian Bratveit first remained in care before settling for a jog with the physical trainer, Aurélien Boche. The Norwegian goalkeeper is summoned to face Aubagne but he will be on the bench and Lucas Dias will start. To complete his squad of 18 players, Pascal Plancque preferred to retain Karim Aribi rather than the young Sofiane El Ftouhi. Not summoned during the last five meetings of the NO, in all competitions, the Algerian striker is making his comeback. On the other hand, Sidy Sarr has still not been called up this season. Note that the prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône prohibits the coming of Nîmes supporters tomorrow to the De-Lattre-de-Tassigny stadium.

The selected group: Bratveit, Dias – Paquiez, Burner, Philibert, Guessoum, Ueda, Sainte-Luce – Ponceau, Fomba, Valerio, Delpech, Cubas, Benrahou, Eliasson – Omarsson, Doucouré, Aribi.

The probable eleven: Dias – Burner, Ueda, Guessoum, Sainte-Luce – Cubas – Benrahou, Ponceau, Fomba, Eliasson – Doucouré.

Pascal Plancque has reached the semi-finals of the Coupe de France twice as a player (Photo Corentin Corger)

Pascal and the Cup. Before this 8th round, it is an opportunity to discuss Pascal Plancque’s links with the Coupe de France. “The first match I saw on TV was the 1968 Coupe de France final won by Saint-Étienne”, he remembers as a child as a supporter of the Greens. On June 14, 1975, he attended the final won 2-0 by the Stéphanois against RC Lens, at the Parc des Princes. But for the Northerner, no question of supporting the Blood and Gold: “I was the only one who was in green in the middle of the Lensois. I remember the volley from Jean-Michel Larqué.” Then, as a player with Lille, the attacking midfielder twice reached the semi-finals (1982/1983 and 1984/1985) as well as the quarter-finals (1986/1987). With Pau, he eliminated Nîmes Olympique twice: in the round of 16 in the 1991/1992 season and in the 8th round in 1994/1995. A competition that he enjoys and with which he experiences great emotions as a coach. In 1997/1998, Pascal Plancque’s Pau, then CFA resident, achieved a fantastic epic by eliminating Nîmes then Alès before losing in 8th against the great PSG (1-0, ap) on a goal from the Brazilian star Raï. In his team, the current coach of the Crocos had a player named Richard Goyet who is now his assistant in the NO.

“My heart club”. This Cup match in Aubagne, 3rd in his group in N2 and undefeated this season at home, will be special for Florent Delpuech who signed this summer for the Orléans club. Cévenol, this 25-year-old central defender was trained at Nîmes Olympique. In an interview carried out on the Aubagne site, Florent explains that he joined the training center with the 17-year-old Nationals. With the youngsters of the NO, he won two Cups Gard-Lozère and contributed to the rise in CFA of the reserve team. During the 2016/2017 season, he familiarized himself with the professional group but never played: “Even though I didn’t play a match, I was part of the squad and I trained with them”, he specifies. In July 2017, at the end of his trainee contract, he was not retained by the Crocs and rebounded in a club in Andorra. Nevertheless, Nîmes remains “my heart club, as a Gardois”, confides Florent Delpuech who will be keen to distinguish himself against the NO where he has kept some contacts from players like Gaëtan Paquiez.